Bag Review: Today’s Iconic Louis Vuitton Bag

After having seen so many bags and having developed a temporary (haha yes, this comes and goes) distaste for all things monogrammed and logo- peppered pieces, we bag- loving community peeps somehow always revert back to iconic pieces. While there would’ve also been times we want something that not many have, we always go back to the ones that are called “classics” because these pieces are the ones that have no time labels (minimizing the “Oh you are carrying last 2013 season’s bags” comments– but not like you should let that bother you, because as long as you like what you are carrying, who cares if it’s 8 seasons ago?).

And in today’s bag crazy society, you will notice that the majority of the hardcore bag lovers will always have these signature pieces/ styles in their bag closet. Apart from the Chanel classic flap, the Hermes birkin and kelly, I think one of the must- have timeless bags is this Louis Vuitton Chain Louise GM bag.

And yes, the bag has a large “LV” monogram on it 😉



It is very feminine, and though it is a small bag, it is large enough to keep your phone and perhaps a card case with a bills pocket in it. I’m really so done with carrying my whole house with me in a bag, so this is a good piece to own– it will take you from day to night easily. And you do know that after 10 years, this bag will still be a chic and classy piece to use. Pretty much like the vintage Chanel classic flap bags from yesteryears that are now making their way into the arms of the younger set. I think this Louis Vuitton Louise bag has the making of a classic piece that will appreciate over time. And I would personally choose this bag over some over-the-top exotic “one of a kind” piece from the same fashion house.

This Louise GM monogram bag is worth a look and a “test drive” at your local Louis Vuitton boutique. Estimated to cost at around US$2,500++.


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