Video Teaser: The Bag Hag Diaries on STAR WORLD

Hi everyone! As promised, I am embedding the video teaser/ on- air promo teaser of  The Bag Hag Diaries on Star World now– sorry it took this long because internet was so slow and couldn’t upload the video properly!

Anyway, the show will be airing tonight at 7:50pm on STAR WORLD, after a few months of crazy busy and extremely tiring but unquestionably fulfilling work 🙂 We all worked so hard on this– especially my wonderful video operator/ sound man Fabrizio Fichera from Milan, as well as all the luxury brands who had given us access to film during the crazy fashion weeks. Oh and of course two makeup giants who helped me out (by giving me some face haha)– Shu Uemura and MAC Cosmetics

I really hope you peeps enjoy the series. I toned down my silliness a bit on the video capsules but haha hopefully you’ll still “find” me there 🙂

Special thanks to The Bag Hag on Star World post- production team whom I super looove to death because they labored so hard over this (haha more than I did): Charo Espedido, Cheche Jardeleza, Joanne Bautista, Myk Mesia.


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