So I joined Asia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5…

If you are following both my instagram accounts @thebaghag and @thebaghagdiaries, then you might already have known that yes, I did audition for Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 (AsNTM). Pause… *LOL*


The executive producer and his team were in town for the open model casting here in the Philippines, and they were hoping to pick one or two Filipino ladies who will take part in Cycle 5 of the show. I just dropped in on the open casting with my kid on our way to another place, but before I knew it and with the prodding of the visiting producer who saw me just “hanging out,” I was #429. *Gulp*

Ok wait, those who were laughing at me for joining– why, what’s so funny? Don’t I have what it takes to be Asia’s Next Top Model? *LOL!!*  So… I answered some documents to the best of my knowledge. Some of the questions (with my answers) included:

1. Do you have a temper? Me: Umm… doesn’t everybody?

2. Why should we pick you to be Asia’s Next Top Model? Me: Because I eat a lot and I’m fuuuuuun!!! *LOL*

Interview time came: I had to strut to the end of the room where there were bright lights, a rolling camera and a couch with 3 people. These producers came from Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I already recognized the man who plucked me out of my happy space earlier and insisted that I audition haha. He was also sitting on the couch and is the show’s executive producer. “Oh heya,” said I 🙂 *sweating buckets by this time LOL*

I can imagine how nerve- racking an experience this must’ve been for most of the contestants because this was the time they get observed for their character, how articulate they are, and how they “project” themselves oncam. And then there was me. Messing about and goofing around, and Snapchatting some bits (because it was otherwise not allowed) *LOL*. I was officially the William Hung (google him if you don’t know him) of AsNTM. Yup! Imagine that! They asked me to do a runway walk, then asked me to give them 3 to 5 poses. Oh yikes. Haha there was nooo way I could keep a straight face there, so there goes their William Hung- style footage *LOL* She bangs, she bangs! She moves, she moves! Hahahaha!!

Right. So yes, while I have successfully embarrassed myself to my kid who by the way, was allowed to watch my audition (poor kid, traumatized with Mama Bear’s craziness hahaha), I also was able to fully experience what happens in an Asia’s Next Top Model audition. Sooooo, the truth finally came tumbling out that I have secretly wanted to become a model since… since like, forever! And auditioning for AsNTM is as a close to that dream as it could ever get! Ok… No. Hahaha! Now if I were born with the perfect features and that personality for it, I’d have totally gone for it– hey you shouldn’t waste God’s and the universe’s unique gifts to you ???? LOL I can’t even be a serious style blogger… what more a model?! Hahaha… she bangs, she bangs…


On a serious note though, I am thankful that there is now a show like this that seeks to find ladies who have that potential to become a top model. Because honestly, the Philippines alone has so many beautiful women who deserve to be alongside Caucasian women who currently still dominate runways and major print ads in the fashion and beauty industry.

And darn, if it weren’t for that age requirement (17 to 27 years old– crap O was waaaaay off– but I did fool the producer into thinking I was within the age range LOL!!!), I could’ve been Asia’s Next Top Model! *Cue roaring laughter* LOL!!!

Thank you to Fox and Star World Philippines as well as to the visiting producers of Asia’s Next Top Model! That was really quite an experience for a “would’ve been, could’ve been” model  *LOL*!!

Asntm2 Asntm3

Have a great Sunday peeps, and hope your weekend was more adventurous than mine 🙂

And don’t forget to stay tuned to Asia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5, only on Star World!


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