MFW: Bally Brings it On this FW 2015

Bally, under the direction of designer Pablo Coppola, is on fire!!! I don’t need to explain much with words because these photos from the collection presentation said it all. Bally is definitely bringing it on with all the new bags and styles! And in recent months, the brand has already been able to capture a young market. This brand, once mostly associated with shoes and bags for the more mature set, has finally been reborn. And as a bag lover, I could not be happier. Look at the bags and drool along with me 😀

The Sommet bag in luxe croc. With that pop of emerald as its interior lining color. Who says luxe, conservative and classic shouldn’t be fun?


These jewel toned shoes with “candy” heels bring happiness to anyone who sees/ wears it 🙂  And I am super obsessed with these monogrammed hardcases in brights!


Purple saddlebag. It’s a not a style unknown to bag lovers– in fact, more recently, Chloe has this same style and Hermes as well. But it is for sure one of the key pieces to have in every woman’s bag closet. And come on, how can you say no to that shade of purple?


Bejewelled bags in croc. And the reinvented “diamond” quilt pattern for a flap bag (bottom of the photo). Very striking!


I’m so intrigued by this bag in hot pink!


This “corner” bag is something I’ve actually been wanting to own. It also came in white with the signature Bally red and white stripe as a strap. This is such a modern and functional bag. It has an accordion- expandable “chamber” for all your daily essentials.


This is a very functional bag as well, and the color combination is perfect. It has that neutral tone (dark green) which works with almost anything in anyone’s closet, and that purple gives it a nice punch. Functional exterior flap, with double- zipped compartments. The bugatti shape is once again, not a new shape, but this reinvention of the style makes it a standout.


I WANT this micro corner bag! How precious is this????


I’m also so pleased to see that Bally came up with these waterproof monogram canvas shopper totes– this style definitely taps the younger bag- loving set as well as those who love big bags. This bag will take your daily rough and tumble without any trouble! This is a sure hit for the brand 🙂


I’m still on a Bally high 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the collection for Fall (which will be available beginning late August 2015) as much as I did!


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