Flying with the Chanel XXL Travel Bag


I cannot believe I managed to cram 1 month’s worth of clothing and other stuff for fashion week in 2 suitcases in 5 hours lol!! Put it this way, I hope this time around, I don’t get any more surprises when I open my suitcases. Lol last season I don’t know how I ended up bringing 7 pairs of black shoes! Yup, this always happens. I am a last minute packer. A procrastinator. And when the time comes, I just find whatever clean thing I can find and stuff it into the luggage.

I normally travel with a cabin trolley and a bag but on this trip, I decided to travel with this Chanel XXL bag. Only!!! Haha this pack rat is officially proud of herself 😉

The bag is huge– it is 3x bigger (ok maybe 2.5x) than my head!

I have a laptop inside, with its charger, 2 mobile phones, my travel toiletries kit, monthly planner, scarf, medicine kit, passport and documents, and haha 2 bags of salted egg chips (guilty snacker here). The bag is a bit heavy, to be honest. But it has been a good onboard bag so far. And if you have a trolley, the bag will complement it because its back pocket unzips to allow the trolley handle to slip through.

Do I recommend this bag? Yes. Because unlike the smaller Chanel flap bags which have become so overpriced in recent years, this Chanel XXL’s price is quite reasonable.

Alright, time for breakfast! Will post an entry again soon! In the meantime, follow me on instagram: THEBAGHAG and watch my instagram stories/ Snapchat: The_baghag.




  1. Hi Ingrid! I’ve been looking for your contact page here on your site but I couldn’t find it so I’m writing here instead. 😀 Are you familiar with the Teddy Blake bags? these Hermes look-a-like started years earlier before Hermes but most of the people think that they are Birkin dupes but Teddy Blake representatives said they have legal rights to sell the bags since they are not considered as duplicates of the actual Hermes. I would like to buy one but I’m having second thoughts. What do you think? I would like to know your personal opinion on this matter. Hope you can help me choose the right bag. 😀