Celebrity Bag: Margot Robbie’s Prada Twin Tote

When I was in Milan, I was debating on which one of the two bags from Prada to get as a work and travel tote. I was deciding between the Twin and the Double. Though in the end, I picked the Double because I wanted a lighter bag– and hah, it had more fun colors!! 🙂


The Prada Twin is just as beautiful if not even better looking than the Double, actually. It’s what I had really wanted initially (but weight was an issue for me). And this week, The Wolf of Wall Street brunette beauty Margot Robbie was seen carrying a black Prada Double *dreamy*. It really looks like a sleek and classy work tote.



Unlike the Double Bag, there is more room in the middle compartment of this tote and those 2 locks serve to secure it.



The bag is made of the signature Saffiano leather, and it is so much lighter than other types of leather, although careful use is also recommended because though textured, the material is still prone to deeper scratches. That said though, I don’t think there is any other type of leather that has this lightweight characteristic that’s combined with its better resistant against scratches.


It is the perfect black work bag. And works well for the weekend too, as rocked by Margot Robbie. This is a little more expensive than the Double bag, but again, both styles are definitely lust- worthy. It all depends on whether you are ok with a slightly heavier bag or not. Haha I am seriously contemplating on this style as well… Hmmm… 🙂

Go check out both bags and do a side-by-side comparison at Prada’s e-store, Prada.com 🙂


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