Bag Review: Chanel Vintage Bags

Dear Bag Hags,

Oh woooow. Has it been this long, blog? I feel so bad that I haven’t been updating you all for so long, only because I kept thinking perhaps instagram is really your preferred medium (vs. a “traditional” blog).

I do need to spend more time on this blog. I feel like she has been so neglected 🙁 I do miss writing lengthy posts for you all though, but real life and work have been robbing me of that time I could have spent on this. But I’ll realllly try. She needs a lot of TLC, but she has never been forgotten at any point 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to write about Chanel bags today. Specifically vintage Chanel bags. Because of the crazy prices of new Chanel bags (and the inconsistencies in quality– I had a pink patent Chanel that was a victim of color transfer, from the black dustbag!), I had decided to halt purchasing brand new ones until I become rich like Gwyneth Paltrow lol (delusional much lol). Instead, I began looking at vintage ones.

The prices of vintage pieces have gone up too, in part because of the growing demand for them and for the astronomical increase in prices of the new bags. I am kicking myself for letting go of my old Chanel bags almost 10 years ago. I honestly haven’t stopped regretting it, though I know the bags are in better hands now 🙂

One of the bags I had loved sooo much was the Chanel mini backpack. I had it in gold and in black. I sold both years ago because I stopped carrying backpacks, and they were too small for me. Big sob.

I sold it for below PhP 20,000 (US $350) and now the same backpack in good condition costs up to US $3,500!!

One of the bag styles I have always liked is the vanity case. Chanel made some really good ones in the past– in different sizes too. I love hard cases because I think they look more interesting. These bags really remind me of a bygone era, when women used to travel with them on the train and on the plane.

I also have the Chanel briefcase which I have paired with a really nice shoulder strap with phone pochette from Fendi (which I loooove),

but I have stopped using the bag of late because the handle base is tearing up

and the logo lock seems to have lost a screw!!!

Am really hoping that Chanel has improved their after- sales service– I’ve had a very unpleasant experience returning my pink patent leather classic flap to them some 5 years ago– and that was an UNUSED bag that was only kept in its dustbag for a period of 2 weeks since I travelled again and left it untouched in its store- packaged condition. Let’s see if Chanel has stepped up since then. And here’s hoping they can replace the screw for me. If they charge an arm and a leg for it, I’ll probably end up having it fixed elsewhere, but that will be sad 🙁 I would ideally want everything to be as original as possible.

Still, I am enjoying the process of growing a Chanel vintage bag collection. Truth it be told, there are not a lot of pieces I like anymore, but I seem pretty obsessed about the vanity cases and runway pieces (oh maaan). Let’s see where this is going in two years haha.

P.S. My 1 year old African Grey parrot named Corky flew over and perched atop this bag. Haha guess the little fella has taste… and didn’t poop on it lol 😉

How about you peeps? Do you prefer Chanel’s brand new styles over the vintage ones?

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hope you enjoyed this surprise post 😉


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