Bag Review: Sophie Hulme Textured Leather Tote

I’ve been seeing a lot of Sophie Hulme bags of late. I first came across this label while I was at Selfridges in the UK. It was without a doubt, a bag that attracted my immediate attention because of the bold hardware.

I had reservations about the bag. The folder tote I had tried carrying was very heavy– especially since there was nothing it it. I can only imagine how heavy it’d have been with my things. It was just not going to work for me.

Fast forward to today when I chanced upon this style.

Sophie Hulme Textured Leather Tote
iconsophiehulmetoteIt is a smaller version of that tote and a more workable style for me. I don’t doubt that the bag is still heavy because of the 4 metal plates that decorate each handle, but this is Sophie’s signature. I’d like to try the bag out again for its weight. I’ve taken to liking much smaller bags lately so it’ll be a challenge to carry something on the mid-large range again.

But I have to admit, this Sophie Hulme Textured Leather Toteicon really caught my eye 🙂

Sophie Hulme Textured Leather Toteicon are available for purchase HERE.


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