Bag Review: Saint Laurent Monogram Chevron Leather Tote

When I stared at this bag, it felt like I was back in the 80s. As a child, I remember my mother carrying bags that looked like this.

The Saint Laurent Monogram Chevron Leather Tote


I’m sorry but I’m still trying to comprehend one thing here as well. Those 3 letters continue to feature prominently on many bags and yet the label has dropped the Y (goodbye Yves and I hope you are really not turning in your grave at being “dropped”) to be pointedly known as Saint Laurent. Haha can you imagine if the remaining two- name labels that we have come to know decide to become one- word labels? Louis Vuitton will be known as Vuitton (hmm actually that isn’t a bad idea, no?).

Woop sorry I strayed from my original train of thought. Anyway, I stare at that Saint Laurent bag and I actually can’t shake off that 80s feeling. I think there’s too much gold in the hardware.


And while the bag shape itself is a classic (reminiscent of the Chanel GST), there’s just really too much gold. Sorry, but I’m really not a fan of this one.
What do you peeps think? I’d not spend $$$ on this Saint Laurent Monogram Chevron Leather Toteicon. Instead, I’d much rather we all unearth our mothers’ old bags from the 80s 🙂


  1. We would do anything to get our hands on this YSL bag! Definitely wish the YSL emblem was a little smaller, it’s still an absolutely gorgeous look. Maybe it would be more popular as a smaller bag or with a cross-body construction.

  2. The dark beige one looks more modern and less “gaudy.” It is the color here (black with the gold) which makes it “old ladyish” to me.