Bag Review: Prada Bunnies Stamped Leather Bags

Just when I was thinking there were not many bags that piqued my interest this December (in time for Christmas *wink*), a good bag or two popped up! And here I was thinking, I’d be saving a lot of money while in Paris this time of year. Gulp! LOL

So, the bags that caught my eye are not from another new discovery of a brand, but from one of my usual suspects of a designer label, Prada.  Truth it be told, the bag style is really nothing new– in fact, this is one of the staple styles of Prada. And honestly, this style while classic, is rather plain.  Known more as an East- West bag because of its rectangular shape, the bag comes with one zipper (though 2 would’ve been more ideal, allowing the zippers to meet in the middle of the bag), and a detachable semi- thick shoulder strap (bravo, Prada for making the strap thicker than usual). It’s honestly really the print that caught my eye.

It was in 2008 when Prada first introduced the Fairy print series on their bags. Stamped and printed onto the leather, the Prada fairy bag collection was an instant hit among bag lovers. There was the downside of the bag after considerable use though and when it got wet– somehow the print bled. This time around, I was told Prada has used a completely different printing technique 🙂

I love the Bunnies– first of all, I was born in the year of the Rabbit so this print really called out to me (more than the fairy print did). And two, bunnies are just really cute!

There are 3 styles of the bag, the first two are made in the classic shape (above) and comes in 2 sizes, while the 3rd style is this cross-body flap bag which takes on a different “logo”– that of the label found in most Prada apparel, rather than the signature triangle  with which we’ve all come to associate the brand.

I had a chance to test out both bags and I must say I remain divided. On one hand, I loved this cross- body flap bag because it’s shape and make are really perfect for travel. Light and with a width like that of an accordion which makes room for all your portable necessities, the bag is really very au courant in terms of style. But what this bag doesn’t have is the added versatility of carry. It can only be carried either on the shoulder or cross- body. There are no proper short handles to allow the bag to be carried on the hands or on the crook of the arm.

In any case, these bags with the bunnies print are really, really cute up close. And while you might have to worry about getting color transfers on the bag, you can also rest- assured that it won’t bleed like the fairy bag once did. And best of all, the print on the back of these bags are darker and have more grays than whites, so it’ll effectively mask dirt or color transfer better 🙂

Check out Prada stores for this bag now, as the Bunny Bags have just landed very recently 🙂


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