Bag Review: Charlotte Olympia Says, “Eye” Want You!

Having been fortunate to visit Greece and Turkey, I noticed one thing– the prominence of that “evil eye” all over souvenir shops. Those “evil eye” amulets and charms are supposedly meant to ward off evil spirits. So haha, the more evil eye you have in your home or on you, the more negativity you repel– or so we were told 😉

Kenzo did this “eye” thing a few seasons ago and everyone loved it (even I eventually got sucked into that “eye” love the “eye” vortex hahaha). Today I was going through NetAPortericonand this Charlotte Olympia Eye Want You Perspex Clutchicon stared back at me 🙂



Do you peeps think the “eye” obsession is over? I still think it’s cute although I’m not sure if I’d like to carry this around. But haha it’d be real kitschy to have this around to spice up an outfit (especially if you’re off to attend some formal-attire-only party). It is a rather pricey clutch, but I think you can get good mileage and use out of it 🙂


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  1. We’ve been “seeing” these Charolette Olympia designs all over! The “eye” has transitioned into clothing as well and it worn most frequently by model and artist Iggy Azalea!