Bag Face- Off: Manu Atelier Pristine Bag vs. Danse Lente Mia Bag

Sorry but am I the only one who thinks Manu Atelier Pristine bags are ugly?



I have been seeing them on the arms of style influencers and I cringe. There is nothing about this bag that I find appealing. Perhaps the only thing going for it is its price which, at a little over $450, makes it more affordable than many premium designer handbags.

I’m sorry, but even at that price, I’d still not pay for one. The chain strap makes it look even cheaper. 


I don’t know bag hags, I just really don’t like the way the bag looks. I don’t like its style and structure. For that amount, I’d have saved a bit more to get a Danse Lente Mia bag with those signature twisted rings detail.

The Danse Lente Mia bag above costs about $520, and is honestly a much better looking bag for a few $ more.

Tell me, which of the 2 bags would you choose? Manu Atelier’s Pristine Bag or Danse Lente’s Mia bag?



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