Almost Fool-Proof Fake Hermes Birkins: Buyer Beware!

I’ve not written a post about Hermes birkin authentications in the longest time and I think it’s about right I blog about this again. Hermes birkins have become so ridiculously in demand over the last few years that there is also a very significant rise in the number of counterfeit Hermes bags sold on a yearly basis. And it is just so disheartening that many have fallen prey to buying fake Hermes bags at very high prices, thinking they are real– online or through resellers “face- to- face”.

Here is one of the recent birkins I was asked to check. When I first saw the bag, I already had that nagging feeling that the bag was not an authentic Hermes birkin, although a quick check showed the bag had all the markings of an authentic one.

This particular birkin slouched a lot more than a normal taurillon leather birkin would given the same condition. And yes, there was really something off about the bag.


The interior zippered pocket checked out– the zipper and pull that were normally seen on authentic Hermes birkins were used. The interior lining on this bag is made of chevre leather– again, something that you’d see on an authentic Hermes birkin.

But then if this bag was an authentic Hermes birkin, Hermes would never have let this quality pass. The interior zipped pocket lining.


And then the quality of the stitching:


If you were not to personally notice these little details, I will tell you that you too would’ve easily said the bag was an authentic Hermes birkin. Especially if you see the bag in its true color and in person. To date, the bag I had seen above is the most “real” counterfeit Hermes birkin I’ve ever seen. And it really, really scared me.

So for the bag lovers out there who have been saving for a Hermes birkin, please heed my advice– get one directly from the Hermes boutique and not from any resellers. You really do not want to take this risk of forking over a large amount of money over to a seller (who could actually be someone you know personally– and this is a story I’ve heard many times now, that the seller who happens to be a good friend of the buyer had knowingly sold a fake to her buyer friend) only to find out later that you had purchased an excellent, almost fool- proof counterfeit Hermes bag. Because once you have made the payment for the bag and get the bag, there is no guarantee that you can still get a refund after proving bag is fake– that is, if the seller has not yet disappeared. Too many stories like this in recent months. So, Caveat Emptor.

P.S. I did not post colored photos and more detailed shots of this bag upon the request of the person who asked me to look at the bag. But I couldn’t not share this recent story so I have posted B&W photos of the said bag instead.


    1. Yes but im not in manila and i need to see the bag personally to make the assessment. Call 8909011 for scheduling 🙂