Bag Review: Hermes Pocket Kelly to Go

Sometime in the mid 80s, Hermes launched a bag called Himalaya, which looked like a hybrid birkin/ top handle bag/ tote.

Funnily each time I see this bag, I am inclined to think it’s the spawn of a Fendi Peekaboo bag with an Hermes birkin lol!

Anyway, why did I bring up the vintage Himalaya? I did it because this year Hermes released another Kelly called the Pocket Kelly to Go.

It’s the most “affordable” Kelly from Hermes yet. Designed as a zipped flat wristlet with the right proportions, it comes with a tilted corner Kelly twistlock pocket reminiscent of the vintage Himalaya bag.

No surprise that this bag sold out fast and is now on a waitlist basis just like her bigger Kelly sisters. It fits a smart phone (Samsung Note 10 plus or the latest iPhone) with ease, as well as a small wallet in the zippered main compartment.

Plus points for the cute H lock zip pull (photographed here with the protective cover).

The angled flap pocket with twistlock exterior can hold your folded bills and coins, even keys! It’s really easy to carry with the wrist loop. Plus it is no- fuss since it’s compact and real quick to clean. The wristlet/ pochette comes in epsom and chevre leather (you know me, I vote chevre all the way).

I personally like this pochette, especially now that we only carry small bags with us when we go out. This Pocket Kelly transforms easily from a day to night clutch. It already seems just as difficult to buy in- store, especially because of its “friendlier” price point!


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