A Smart Clutch!


Hey everyone! The last few days went by in a blur because of work and a few pending projects that need to take off this year– I have to get those going and with the way things are, I will need 40 hours a day and 2 of me haha. Anyway, as soon as things have been set in motion, I will share more 🙂

I want a quick update about bags today on the blog. This bag is already a few seasons old, but I am sharing it because I think it is the perfect example of a great, smart box clutch.

This is a Kate Spade box clutch which fits right into summer– and while many in Europe and in the U.S. are still experiencing a cold winter, it already feels like summer here in the Philippines. So yeah, a cold pop or two would be nice 🙂

This box clutch is a pretty cleverly designed bag. It looks like a fairly simple rectangular box but the inside has been properly compartmentalized. You want very well- edited contents in a bag and you want them very organized. Though I do wonder why there are way too many credit card slots (I mean, how many cards do you want to bring on a day/ night out?), I still do like the idea that your cards are secure and visible. And that there is a zippered compartment for your cash and coins.

I wish though that many more designers design box clutch bags and minaudieres in the same way. This Kate Spade clutch is not too expensive especially for its smart design which gives the bag longevity– though I also do wish the bag came with a detachable strap 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone! And do have an ice pop or two for me 🙂



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