A Most Relaxing Saturday: Terazi Spa at Discovery Primea, Makati


I am currently billeted at the Discovery Primea Hotel in the heart of the central business district in Makati for the Chinese New Year weekend. I have been needing a much needed weekend getaway– it’s funny I should say that because I travel so much. But I do travel for work and while I do get the chance to explore the cities I visit, I don’t do it at leisure. I am actually not as keen to jump on another plane anytime soon because I feel like I’m hardly on solid ground anymore . So when the opportunity for a weekend staycation at Discovery Primea came up, I took the offer thinking I’ll just sleep more and spend time bonding with the kids.


I didn’t connect that the Discovery Primea group also owned the Discovery Shores Boracay– and it was there at their spa that I experienced the best massage ever. I kid you not. I have tried massages in a lot of spas and to date, none came close– not even the ones in Thailand (at least in the spas I went to).

Discovery Primea has the Terazi Spa. I was booked for a 1hr Hammam (Turkish bath) and a 60 minute signature massage thereafter.

The Hammam at Terazi Spa is marble- lined and immaculate. I loved the feel of the huge room and I had it all to myself.

Steam came out of 2 ducts which filled the room in no time, and I felt my pores open, and skin moisten. It was very relaxing– and I sorely needed this since I’ve had such a stress- filled January! I was led to the marble center where I laid down to get exfoliated with a mitt (I chose to keep my undergarments on for this) and washed with castile soap. My skin felt soo soft after and my body was so relaxed. My therapist named Novelyn was really, really good and put me at ease. I think there are still a good number of women who don’t feel too comfortable with having a Hammam experience because it is on the sensual side. Hahaha to tell you the truth, I’d not want to have couple’s hammam. But that’s just me 🙂

After being washed down, I took a quick cold shower to cool down. And then I was ushered into another room for the signature massage with Myla, my massage therapist.


I was asked to select a massage oil and instead of the usual lavender scent that I’d choose, I went for the oil infused with rosemary. Something different for a change. While I was not tired (which was why I’d doze off during massages and not feel anything after), I was in an elevated state of “relaxed” that I just gradually “switched off.” I was conscious of the pressure points being massaged because it was not a deep sleep, but I have honestly not felt like this in a verrrry loooong time. It was RELAXED. All caps 🙂

After an hour, massage was over and I was served calming pandan hot tea . This, I have to say, was really a very different experience– and I hate to use this word (those who know me will know that I actually don’t like using this word because it is overused in fashion), but really the whole 2 hours at Terazi Spa was AMAZING. It.was.INCREDIBLE.

I give it 3 out of 3 stars and will definitely come back regularly.

Terazi Spa on the 3rd floor of the Discovery Primea is really an oasis of calm amidst Manila’s concrete jungle.


Call them up to book because they also have a special promo during the month of February. Terazi Spa can be reached at (+632) 955.8888 loc. 7310  *www.discoveryprimea.com*


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