Discovery Primea: A Most Relaxing Staycation Experience in the Heart of Makati


I gotta confess: I did not think that a staycation in a hotel right in the heart of the busiest part of Makati, Philippines, would be a very relaxing one. So reflecting back on our weekend stay at Discovery Primea, I have to say that was one of the most stress- free few days I’ve had in the Philippines. And I got to enjoy every second with la famille 🙂

The staff at the hotel had been so accommodating and so warm that I almost did not want to leave! We stayed in a 2- bedroom suite (which had a fully functional kitchen) and were able to have meals in the room, ordered at the hotel’s restaurant, Tapenade.


I spent my nights in this room, finishing this pageturner called Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano by writer Dana Thomas (now available in paperback version, published by Penguin Books).


Apart from the Spa experience, which remained the ultimate highlight (yes, superlatives!) of my stay, the food (and the very friendly staff) at Tapenade was also something worth writing about. The salad buffet had all these yummy sprouts (I am a biiig fan of sprouts)  that I only get to enjoy in Europe and in the U.S., so you can imagine the feast I had when I saw them 🙂

They also have an excellent cheese and charcuterie selection, as well as a seafood section– kept going back for the oysters on the half shell!! *Thinking about the food at Tapenade now makes my stomach growl with hunger haha… and it’s 12 midnight! Lol*

I seriously have not experienced food coma in a loooooong time but wow, that weekend was just pure gastronomic nirvana! OH MY GAWD…

In reality and when I write, I don’t want to exaggerate but this was a serious case of “how-can-you-refuse-when-everything-is-so-good?!”– I succumbed to temptation, and really, the diet I’ve worked sooo crazy hard to maintain went out the window lol!

And as if the dinner food overload was not enough, we got back to our room and were greeted with a table full of snacks for our movie night *cue jawdrop now*.


We almost slept with the food bowls on our beds but haha, that would just make a mess out of a beautiful room, and make us slobs for guests, so I did a little cleanup before we all went to sleep. And the next morning, it was practically impossible for us to get out of bed. Slept soo well. But also because it was official. I had…


The only way to get rid of that was to go for a swim. The pool overlooked the village of private residences which meant no neighboring tall buildings, no view obstruction.

I think I spent more time just staring out than swimming to burn off calories! Discovery Primea is really an oasis of calm in the heart of Makati.  Sigh, I was going to have separation anxiety from this hotel, I mumbled to myself as I stared out.

Before we checked out of our super relaxing weekend staycation, we were in for another surprise! The day also happened to be my DK’s birthday, and the pastry chef had baked a chocolate cake for my not-so-little one!!

Another confession: if you were following me on Snapchat since before that weekend and you saw the snaps I had during that staycation, you’d know that I nearly finished eating the cake all by myself. No more shame peeps. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I indulge in sweets sporadically. I do love crepes, donuts, souffles, and waffles, (not all the time though) but you will hardly ever see me rave about cakes or chocolates unless they are worth waxing poetic about. Devouring (not just eating) that cake up there made me soooo happy. One slice after the other, my kids stared at me like I was someone else– because they knew I was never into chocolate cakes! Oh yes. Again, THAT good.

I have to give this hotel a really glowing report and highly recommend a weekend stay (enjoy the Terazi Spa– that deserved its own post). But really, be prepared to gain some weight 🙂 But also be prepared to be pampered from the start of your stay, til the very end of it 🙂 And the subsequent separation anxiety (sepanx) once you leave hahaha!

Discovery Primea is located along 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Entrance located at the back, along Apartment Ridge. If you are also celebrating a special occasion and are tired of the usual fare, book a table for lunch or for dinner at Tapenade.

For more details on Discovery Primea’s weekday and weekend rates, staycation packages, & their Terazi Spa, check their website at or call (632) 955-8888. 🙂 I know you will have an incredible experience like I did. Thank you so much again, Discovery Primea!! See you again very soon at Tapenade + Terazi Spa 😉


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