A Debut of Gucci’s Newest Timepiece: Time is Music!

Music forms an integral part in everyone’s lives. I know it does for me. Key moments in my life have been embedded forever in my mind because of music. Memories are there because of the songs that were playing at the time they were made. Yes, the good memories and even the bad ones. Receiving accolades in school, getting your heart broken, meeting the love of your life, all etched in memory through songs.

As each day goes by, you just might realize that time may have been slowly robbing you of the simpler pleasures (like listening to music–and really taking it all in) in life because you  have become very busy, your time divided in between one responsibility to another. You need to remember to seek music wherever you may be, however busy you are.

Quality time over weekends produces the best music of all. Quiet time allows you to listen to yourself, to the music that you have been subconsciously producing all throughout your life. And quiet time also allows you to be accompanied by nature’s songs.

This time, my music came while on the beach, watching and listening to the waves crashing on the sandy shores of El Nido’s Pangulasian Island in the Philippines.

 A solitary moment during magic hour at the beach makes you wish time stood still…

gucciwatch6Forever encapsulating nature’s most soothing song…


And it is there that you realize that you need to listen to nature’s music more. You need to be sensitive to her song… and then you’ll even hear  sounds that you’d normally not have noticed… listen. You can capture that precise moment in sound as the water from the waves splashes onto your skin.


And with eyes shaded, I watched and marveled in amazement as the sun slowly set in the horizon. At that very moment, time had stopped. I just listened to the perfect synchrony of the music of the waves as the sun went down, while realizing how incredible nature truly is. And how much more we should appreciate her.

Photographed by Cat Triviño

Time had produced a different kind of music. Music unlike the ones you hear on the radio. Remember that it was with time that produced the sea, the sand, and the song…

Photographed by Cat Triviño

Time is indeed music. For it is only when you have that quality time that you will hear the music that remains the most precious contribution to one’s peace of mind and one’s calming of the heart– nature’s songs! And hearing nature’s songs will allow you that return to innocence, even if for just a moment!


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