Milan Fashion Week: Gucci FW 2019/ 2020

A mask for a show invitation (seen on my hand),

delivered inside a large wooden crate (which I am still at a loss as to how I will transport back home lol)…

Mask on, mask off! Almost begs the question, “who are we all when our invisible masks fall?” Have we remained true to ourselves, or have we been living a lie? What an apt theme, especially in today’s social media- centric world!

Through Gucci’s FW 2019/20 collection, Alessandro Michele tackled the dualities and tensions of what a mask conveys: exhibition or concealment, manifestation or protection, vanity or modesty.

The blurred sartorial dichotomy between masculine and feminine recurred, styled with jarring spikes as accessories (loved how a suit in a classic pattern/ material became edgy and almost risqué with a spiked leather strap casually draped over the shoulder).

The presentation was one that blinded (literally), but as the eyes adjusted to the lights, the collection was yet again, a visual treat for all those present. Alessandro Michele’s style story continues to impress.

On a different note, I’m so happy to see everyone– this time last season, I was sick as a dog, under a self- imposed quarantine.

So I really appreciate being out and about to see industry friends once again!!

Love, TheBagHag

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