When in Italy, Get the Prada Double Bag

I’ve been using a beautiful green Prada double bag for over a month now and I must say I really love its functionality on top of its sleek design. One of the setbacks of getting the grained leather version though is that the material gets prone to scratches after a bit. But that said, the bag is still such a good tote to own because it is so light! I

I love, love, love blue bags (and I can’t seem to say that enough haha) and the Prada double bag’s blue is no exception. Seeing it in the flesh again inside the Prada boutique here in Italy made me want it all the more too. I love that it has a contrasting red lining– it makes this bag all the more striking! *Sob*




The Prada Double bag also comes in all- denim as I had just seen a few hours ago, and quite frankly I am so tempted to get it because unlike the leather counterpart, the denim one won’t get scratches  (sigh, if it weren’t for the fact that I believe I should really save and not spend anymore, I’d probably be happily toting that denim double now haha).

I’m off to explore Rome today while the rest of the population within the city flocks to the Vatican for the canonization of the 2 Popes. I wanted to go as well but as I had seen from the crazy crowds who were camped out overnight for this momentuous occasion, I think it would be nearly impossible to get into the city at this time 🙂  More travelogs soon!!


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