Travelog: Winter in Lake Tahoe


A few days ago, my mom, siblings, and our respective families made the 5 hour- long drive from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe to enjoy a few days of snow and the real winter cold. We were rewarded with just that as the roads near South Lake Tahoe were covered in snow (we caught the tail- end of the snow storm as we arrived), complete with heavy snowfall. Two days of building snowmen, snowball fights, tobogganing, sledding, and indulging in other snow- related activities worked up everyone’s appetites– I can safely say I have gained a kilo or two from all that eating and all those cups of steaming hot cocoa by the fireplace 🙂

I have been religiously writing about bags on the blog but haven’t really posted anything about the trip here. If you are on instagram, you can FOLLOW me there (, but if you don’t have instagram, let me share some of my favorite photos from the trip here.

This shot was taken while I was driving (with snow chains) to South Lake Tahoe. It was snowing and I reckon it was about -1 degC outside and then we saw this man running– without a proper weather- appropriate outfit! Craaaaazy!!!! It was still snowing the next day but it was sporadic. The sun peeked from the heavy snow clouds, and there was fresh “powder” on the ground from the snowfall of the night before. It was beautiful! Warning: style blogger shot 🙂 I wore this bright blue hooded coat which I had bought in a boutique off Lan Kwai Fong in Central, Hong Kong and carried a navy Givenchy Antigona in stamped croc leather. It was still snowing outside. I was Lake Tahoe’s not-so- little Blue Riding Hood– no big bad wolf around, thank goodness 🙂

This was an unfiltered shot taken just as the sun went down. I got lucky with this shot because the ducks came by 🙂 It was one of the most peaceful moments I’ve had in days LOL

Walking back to our car after the kids went tobogganing, I saw the perfect Christmas tree 🙂 It was really THE PERFECT tree– the snow around it, the height, the lights… it was then that I felt that warmth, that Christmas spirit. Being together with the most important people in my life in Lake Tahoe was really the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for. I felt so blessed. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas holiday so far 🙂 Now let me get back to the snow 😉




  1. another one of my favorite posts 🙂 you have such an enviable life and you deserve it. the pictures are just gorgeous 🙂