Travelog: Visiting Lu Focaro in Torre di Palme

Today, I did something I’ve always wanted to do– drive to another region in Italy 🙂 Since I am in Milan a few days before fashion week begins, I decided to go back to one of the most special places I have ever visited, thanks to the Tod’s family (Claudio, Maria Cristina, Simona, Karen, Sabine, & of course, to DDV and ADV) who took me there a year ago. I have found so much peace there that I just had to go visit, this time, with me as the driver 🙂

It was a 5 hour drive down south from Milano– and drat it took me nearly an hour to get out of the city of Milan (oh what a mess haha). But after a 5 hour drive down A1 towards Ancona, the medieval town of Torre di Palme was not difficult to find. I honestly wouldn’t mind retiring there and settling into a quiet life of domesticity 🙂 Lol, laugh. But really, I’d love to stay here and just work on writing a book 😉


I fell in love with Torre di Palme the 1st time I visited. It isn’t a big town. In fact you can probably go around the town in 30 minutes, at leisure. I stayed at Patrizia’s beautiful home the 1st time I went there.


Patrizia is a very dear friend of the Tod’s family. And it was not hard to see why. She is generous, hospitable, and is a very gracious host. And oh yes, breakfasts are never the same after having one at Patrizia’s. I still remember wolfing down 7 large cannelés shamelessly in under 30 minutes. I was disgusted with myself after, but oh no I did not regret my actions haha. I’m sure she was shocked that a piglet was staying with her hahaha. Patrizia and I communicated in Italian. Haha I think I learned the language overnight 🙂

She was so surprised to see me tonight. Terrible me cannot communicate in Italian so a prior dinner reservation could not be made. It was full house when we got there, but when Patrizia saw me, she immediately accommodated me.


A table was laid out, and voila, we had a dinner view overlooking Fermo’s twinkling lights.


I honestly don’t think there is much for a tourist to see and do in the surrounding areas but I personally would come back to visit Patrizia anytime. She is part of my Italian family and my Italian “story” 🙂 I am so blessed to have met her and to know her– this even with the language barrier 🙂 Patrizia, grazie mille! We are sooooo full from that wonderful dinner! And the trofie pasta with cherry tomatoes was the best I’ve ever tasted!


What a beautiful day it has been. I am turning in for bed now, as tomorrow we have an early day. Tomorrow is the drive over to Loreto, a city I’ve never been to but am interested to visit and explore because of the basilica and their black Madonna 🙂

Good night from Italia!



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