Travelog: Milano Window Shopping After Hours

Ciao from Milano! Got into the gloomy city around 4p after a long 18 hour travel (layover included). I always feel light- hearted and happy when I’m back here. Been fortunate to live just a few blocks from the Duomo, where all the action happens 🙂

My first dinner in Milan was at Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone along Via Santo Spirito.

And while I would have normally savoured each bite of the culatello and my ordered pasta, I had a hard time enjoying it because I could barely keep my eyes open lol!


I had Paccheri con Burrata with a plate of culatello but goodness, my body just wanted me to crawl to bed as I took each bite lol.


After dinner though, saw a complete change in me. Lol funny, because remember, all I was silently asking for over dinner was my bed. The walk back to my place is really quite “deadly” during store hours (and when you’re not in a hurry). Because the way to get back from the restaurant entails passing by a lot of shops. I live so close to the Quadrilatero della Moda– the triangle of fashion 😉

I passed by so many stores (and thank goodness they were all closed). And while I fully acknowledge that there are not that many bags that have caught my fancy of late enough to buy, there are a few good ones that are worth ogling at 🙂

Givenchy’s latest Horizon bags in all colors *looove!!!*


Miu Miu– I want their ballet flats! And looks like they will have sizes in this store 🙂 I also quite dig this Miu Miu bag (Borsa a Tracolla) too… I don’t know why though but lol maybe because I like blingey things 🙂


Roger Vivier’s Miss Viv wall 😉 I think RV’s bags are under- appreciated. I love the Miss Viv bags and the Pilgrim totes.


Dolce & Gabbana’s hardcases are very pretty, but I won’t fork out €5000 for any of them. I do appreciate their beauty, but their prices for them are just way too expensive!


There are so much more bags to stare at (like a kid staring into a closed-for-the-day sweets shop), but the night was getting a bit chilly, and oh yeah my phone battery died ( P.S. I am back on my Note 4 from the Note 7 because of the phone recall, so my photos are not as sharp *sob*).

Today’s a new day and hopefully I can share a new adventure with you all. Follow me on instagram: @thebaghag and also watch my instagram stories or my snapchat videos: The_baghag 🙂

Hope you are all having a great day!



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