My New Baby!

I’ve been slowly getting back into the groove of things after my nonstop travels in the last few months and decided to work on something I’ve been wanting to do for the looongest time.

There may have been some of you who still remember Tresorie, the store that I put up because I was handling the sale of consigned preowned designer bags. Tresorie ceased operations after I decided to pursue my blogging, as I would no longer have the time to manage day- to- day ops with my constant travels. Besides, I also decided to consolidate our operations with our other retail outlet, Accessory Lab which is located on the 2nd floor of Rockwell Powerplant Mall. Sidenote: I’m so happy to mention that Accessory Lab, co- owned by my partner Rodina, has been a permanent resident of Rockwell for over 9 years now 🙂

Anyway, retail is something that has been in my blood and no matter how much I stay away from it, it keeps coming back to me LOL! And since I have a bit of time this June, I decided to work on (instagram: @thebaghagdotcom), a site that houses designer bags that I personally curate 🙂

Each piece that gets featured personally goes through me: thoroughly checked and inspected, so I can definitely guarantee their authenticity. And of course with my involvement comes the promise that I will make sure to present bags that are reasonably priced and competitive.

That’s my little announcement this weekend 🙂 I hope that you can continue to support me as you already have through the years. Thank you so much as always!!!


  1. Any plans to make the instagram account public? There are still some of us who refuse to sign up for it.

  2. It is always refreshing to make time, visit you and stay at your site for a couple of hours. I am a male and I like seeing stuff you post so that I get the idea on what to offer my lovely wife. I wish someday you will also get to post stuff for little girls or teens. Be blessed!