The Holiday Spirit… in Clutches!

I cannot believe that December is just around the corner. It’s way too fast! And the weather on this side of the world (Philippines) is not reflective of the winters that many other countries are already experiencing. I do wish that we get cooler temperatures here to get everyone to enjoy and feel that yuletide spirit more.

The Philippines is perhaps one of the countries that celebrate the Christmas season early (we’re talking unusually early– like immediately after Halloween). Christmas songs begin playing not just in shopping malls but in different radio stations as well. In the Philippines, it is nearly impossible to avoid getting into the Christmas cheer early– not that I’m complaining *haha I don’t think I’m a Scrooge :)*. I am still in the process of putting together some interesting Christmas gift ideas for you all and hopefully I get to do that before the end of the month. But let me already jumpstart that with this bag post!

I am so happy to share with you Lancel’s Satine minaudieres collection!

These beautiful evening clutches come in the most desirable jewel tones– it’s impossible to pick just one! Really, it’s IMPOSSIBLE!! 🙁 And I looove that these minaudieres are so festive- looking together– 11 colors to be exact!

I always notice women (and I’m guilty of this too at times) carrying large bags for evening affairs and I think it’s high time that we ditch the larger bags for these ultra feminine and classy minaudieres. We don’t need to bring our cosmetics counter inside our bag (hahaha oh dear I’m guilty of this too). All you will need for this bag are your phone, lipstick, some oil blotting paper, a credit card or debit card, and some mad money 🙂

These Lancel Satine minaudieres will be available at Lancel, Philippines by December 🙂 I am already so excited!!!


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