The Bag Hag Diaries on STAR WORLD!!

The day I’ve been waiting for to reveal that “development” has arrived– and will be accompanied by a short video teaser. Anyway the last fashion month was pretty crazy and I was not able to blog as much, and I had also missed greeting a few friends on their birthdays (thankfully most of them were very understanding, whew!).

The reason for the “craziness” was because I was concentrating on filming with my Milan video operator Fabrizio Fichera, and by the time we were done for the day, I literally “crash” in bed, leaving no time to even take off the makeup on my face– till I wake up a little later again to find myself still with a face full of warpaint! I subsequently wash it all off of course, before I go back to bed hahaha (or else I’d be a walking zit by now haha).

So here’s the development 🙂 My blog, The Bag Hag Diaries, has been made into a video blog series for Star World (Fox International Channels). It will be one full season of short video capsules, short enough to keep your attention, hopefully *nervous laugh haha* . Entitled “THE BAG HAG on STAR WORLD“, it will feature fashion shows both front and backstage, brand presentations, as well as interviews of designers, models, and a little celebrity spotting here and there from Milan and Paris fashion weeks. There will be commentaries of the shows from a fashion outsider (that would be meeeee :D), in the hopes that I can all rope you in with me on what goes on during these fashion weeks. I want to take you all on that journey with me, see what I see, and hopefully like me, also get a better understanding of the fashion industry 🙂 Soooo, wish me luck!!

THE BAG HAG DIARIES on STAR WORLD airs its first episode tomorrow,

tbh-starworldDECEMBER 4, 2013 at 7.50pm. A new episode airs every Wednesday at the same time 🙂  Hope you all enjoy watching the short episodes as much as we enjoyed creating them for you! 🙂

*Credits shoutout to my awesome Milan team/ friends: Fabrizio Fichera, Lisa Maynard Atem, Valentine Avoh, Alessandro Marzani; Brand PRs that have been soooo incredibly accommodating (you know who you are– I won’t reveal here because I’d be pre-empting the brands that will appear on the show haha), and of course the STAR World team: Charo Espedido, Joanne Bautista, Cheche Jardeleza, Myk Mesia*

I’ll try to upload the show teaser on youtube in a bit (my home internet is working at a turtlespeed so I think I’ll have to try again later) 😀

I really hope you peeps can support my show 🙂 Promise, it’s all short videos only hahaha 🙂


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  1. wow! that is so cool! congratulations! 🙂
    I hope there will be replays. I think I’m still out of the house at that time. XD