The Bag Hag Diaries– New Look!

Hey everyone!

Yep, no fanfare, no celebration, but yes, the blog’s new look has finally been revealed 🙂 My lovely team (thanks so much Enzo and the team) had been sooooo patient with me to an excruciating  (I’m sure it was for them because they were dealing with someone who has completely zilch knowledge about the tech side of this site) degree.  In the coming weeks, I will still try to familiarize myself with this because as I have mentioned and perhaps you already know, it takes me time to understand something new (is that sign of old age or what?! Ok scratch that. Who you calling old? LOL). And though the platform isn’t new, I still have to understand how to work on the highlight reel (or whatever that’s called haha), re-edit my profile, and also attempt to reorganize many of the old posts and categorize them properly.

When I began blogging, I never thought I’d keep it going for this long. I initially began keeping an online diary not just because of the bag addiction (ok not really addiction *in denial* but you get the drift) but also because I found writing very therapeutic. The blog was the only creative outlet I had then after I had my second baby since I was no longer in the publishing industry. Because of the blog, I celebrated the freedom of not having to write with a structure and one story in mind. I just wanted to write like I would in a diary that only I’d be reading and having to worry about getting judging because of poor grammar (and all other mistakes related to English composition that would cause embarrassment to my parents and professors LOL). So yes, I never really thought about the structure and organization of the blog.

Now, as the system gets more and more complicated and intricate with the need to use tags, keywords, and such to keep each post organized and categorized, I am grateful for the search function within the site (for those times I didn’t tag etc) so please, use it if you need to find something I wrote in the past 🙂

Anyway I have landed in New York, my home for the next week. I plan to write regularly now. Warning though, I will most likely be scatterbrained with my thoughts (which will in all likelihood be translated onto what I write). Regularly writing= writing something everyday *haha ok let’s see how long I can keep this up*.  Hopefully I also get to iron out the login issues I have because all data was migrated from my old host server to this new one. A lot has changed internally within this blog too. Still have to get to know my new host server as well. I may not be techie but I think it’s also time I learn haha.

And drat, I still have sooo many stories to share from my Paris trip! But for now, I shall leave you with a photo of some Chanel bags. Having recently debuted the Gabrielle bag

(which I have to confess I actually dislike *without even thinking about it* because I just found it too… “blah”), Chanel still remains the top brand that many ladies aspire to own when it comes to luxury bags. And the classic flap with always remain their top choice.

Good morning  (3:08 am) from New York! I am off to bed now, and hopefully I can wake up early for a nice run in Central Park 😉

Please do join my NYC adventure on my Instagram Stories @thebaghag or on my Facebook ( I still can’t decide which platform to use when I go live (haha is anyone even watching?! Give me a shoutout! )


  1. Congratulations for the new look of the site! I really like it. It’s clean, simple and modern. Love it!!!