Style: When Designer Merchandise Becomes Tacky

Luxury brands these days love coming up with “gimmicky” merchandise in an attempt to modernize their image and make them in- demand. They do listen to their consumers, so they have a proper direction in how to commercialize merchandise from the runway and onto store shelves. But sometimes I cannot help but wonder what these brands are thinking of, other than their bottom lines. I guess commercialism trumps creativity. *RIP fashion creativity*

Sadly, general consumer direction is this– slap on a logo or spell out the brand name on a merchandise (as long as your brand is “hot”), and watch your merchandise fly off the shelves.

And this is when luxury brand merchandise becomes… well, a sell-out. Case in point: the oft- faked Dolce & Gabbana D&G real “fake” shirt in different variations. Bloody hell I can’t even keep up with the variety out in the market anymore LOL.

First of all, these t-shirts are quite frankly, insanely overpriced. Back in the late 90s when D&G (Dolce & Gabbana’s secondary line) was still alive, baby tees that spell out D&G (sans the flowers) cost about US $250. I should know this. Because I bought 2 back then. I am not proud to admit this purchase today *cough… Label whore* LOL. But now, these similar shirts with more design (floral, appliqué… name it), hideously paired with floral skirts (I see them on Instagram OOTDs), are a total ripoff at say what? US $1,145 on the brand’s website? Huuuwaaaaat?!?!

I like Dolce & Gabbana– their Miss Sicily bag (depending on design) had gotten good marks in my book. I can understand why their bags are expensive.  But this tee? Wow, good on them for cashing in on this overpriced tee. And it’s sold out often too. But no way will I buy one. Ever.

The tee looks OK paired with jeans, as seen on model above. Not the best, but OK. It’s pretty much at par with the Gucci logo tee that everyone’s going nuts about (peppering social media with their OOTDs).

But some people take the tee to the next level and go all out with their other stash of designer goods. And this is when “not great” luxury merchandise becomes downright tacky.

Said logo tee paired with a printed or floral flowy skirt, then worn with one of these shoes (in whatever color variation, not limited to the colors I posted below).

Valentino Rockstuds: Ugh repeat offender– these shoes, though super popular still, need to be retired. I cringe when I see “shoefies” (shoe selfies) of a group of ladies wearing them all in different colors–tight shot of all their feet, styled in a circle LOL


YSL Tributes: Yesss I heard they are super comfy, buuut NO. They need to retire too. You don’t see the real fashion cognoscenti shod in these unless they’re wearing floor- grazing pants or skirts that hide these shoes well

Christian Louboutin Peeptoe Platform Pumps:  I know they add height, but again unless they’re not visible on you, they are also hideous. And yes, they’re actually called “hooker heels” by many peeps LOL! Sorry but true story!


Stella McCartney Platform Brogues: I tread lightly with not just Stella brogues, but all platform brogues in general. They look good on some people. But again, not all, and not when styled improperly.


YSL Opium Monogram Pumps: They’re quite sleek because of the pointy toe, but again, wear them with everything else with a designer logo or monogram? Tacky!

Then these Dior J’adior Kitten Heels. See my comment about logo/ monogram shoes from above (re: YSL monogram pumps)

Now that I got the offending shoes out of the way, it’s time for the bag talk.

Don’t get me wrong. The Hermes Birkin and Kelly will always be part of my top 5 must- have bags to own if you have money to buy them. But let’s talk about the way these bags become with a “total look” OOTD and not on their own.

When Hermes bags get dressed with a Hermes twilly, a Hermes charm,

and worn with a Hermes clic clac bangle or a Hermes Collier de Chien cuff, topped with an Hermes H belt? Fashion police, we have a problem.

Chanel bags are not spared either, sorry! Same principle applies to this bag!

And please, can these peeps STOP carrying these bags to formal parties (where black tie and gowns are required)? I don’t care if it’s a croc or python version or however the hell expensive the bag is (more expensive that my kid’s education LOL)– when you’re going to a formal (gowns and all), you just don’t carry a big bag! *Major cringe*

And now, put all those abovementioned elements together for the total look– a designer logo tee, a designer logo belt, designer monogram shoes or the other ones mentioned above… and boom. You’re officially a walking fashion victim/ label whore (sorry I can’t find a more PC term).

And before I end this blog post, let me also say that I am not a fashion plate on my own either, but through the years I learned not to “pile it all on” when it comes to designer merchandise. A well- balanced mix of obvious designer merchandise with subtler ones (no need to show people you’re wearing a designer item even if you are) works wonders. It’s really silly to look at when you put all those obvious designer things together.  You can’t blame people if they laugh or do mental calculations of how much you are worth that day… unless that’s really your agenda–to make sure and to make it loud and clear that people know you *or your husband/boyfriend/lover* have money to buy expensive merchandise from premium luxury labels. LOL!!!

So don’t be a walking fashion victim! Exercise a little restraint when putting designer merchandise together. Trust me, it is an eye sore. A train wreck that we can’t help but ogle at from time to time– but without cringing!

Disclaimer: I apologize if I offend anyone with this post. If anything, please know that I wrote this to help you. Really! And you might silently thank me one day for it LOL! Peace 🙂


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  1. Whhhaaaattttt $1k something for a D&G tee’s???? Thanks but no thanks. I still have a sane mind not to spend that much money on a shirt that i see as just, an ordinary shirt just because its from a well known designer. I don’t fancy much about buying designer bags just to be “in”. And i must agree Ingrid, those Ysl and Valentino shoes need to retire although at first i found them cool, now, blah. Sorry to those who owned one. People may not have the same taste about fashion, for me, I’m not into the brand, I’m more in to the usefulness and simplicity with a class of things i will buy

  2. I really cant afford all these designer stuff though but I totally agree.. Wearing designer everything from head to toe does not automatically means class.

  3. THANK YOU for this! “You’re officially a walking fashion victim/label whore” – you forgot “social climber”. :))

    About time someone said this. Again, thank you. xx