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Happy 2017, my dear friends! I got back from the U.S. days ago and had immediately thrown myself into the heart of Manila’s (music) action, thanks to Glenn and Winston Llamas of Wilbros Live who had brought in the world’s biggest DJ, David Guetta. I thought I was going to nod off because of the jetlag, but nope, Guetta wouldn’t have had any of that, so this one stayed up and danced to his tunes 🙂 And I was pretty entranced with the laser and lights show that accompanied the music too. Congratulations to the Llamas brothers for another musical coup!!

I had been unable to write the last few days because there was some login glitch to my blog, perhaps also because a tech team is working on the makeover of this blog 🙂 Hopefully the makeover gets completed before the end of January. Apart from that development, I also wanted to let you peeps know about the Facebook group (The Closet Raiders) I started with my friend and PR specialist Erika Aquino. After being in operations for 3.5 months, I am so pleased to share that we already have 14,000 members in our little community. The Closet Raiders is a pretty focused buy- and- sell group that allows members to either buy or sell their own clothes and shoes that they no longer wear. The group only focuses on these 2 categories, which was also why I decided to make another group that I had originally created back in September 2016, now active.

The group I have created on Facebook is called SHOP THE BAG HAG.

It is a paid- membership buy- and- sell community which deals with only authentic designer merchandise. Allowed merchandise includes bags, and accessories like jewelry (bracelets/ bangles), belts, sunnies, wallets (no perfumes, make-up and beauty products, watches). There will also be NO clothing or shoes traded on this group– those can go to The Closet Raiders, another group that I co- admin with my friend Erika :). I already had this group since last September but only decided on making it active yesterday after I began editing my lot of sunglasses. I had stalled on the activation of the group for the longest time because I had wanted to develop the website that corresponded to it, but I think Marie Kondo would so not approve of me keeping all my things in their as- is- very- cluttered predicament while waiting for the website to be completed. Haha I am embarrassed already myself. I mean, yesterday, I even unearthed all my old phones (hello old Nokia, old Blackberry) as well as all the Samsung phone boxes I have– from the time the Note 1 came out!

So yep, Shop The Bag Hag is officially active and will begin “trading” next week 🙂 My friend and group moderator, Sandor Simon (who is all the way in Hungary) and I will take in members from Monday onwards after the membership fee (which will go toward the group’s maintenance) has been settled. Will also be pre- approving all the sale posts on the group (listing fees, with terms and conditions apply– including the 100% guarantee of the seller that the merchandise they post is authentic, because fakes and counterfeit designer merchandise will NOT be tolerated in any way). Am so excited to finally be rolling out this new development. This has been something I had been thinking about working on in the last year, and timing just didn’t permit it to happen. But now, it’s finally realized 🙂 (soon) (soon)


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