SALE Season + The Bag Hag Diaries Revamp Soon!

It took a bit of time, but part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging much as well is because I am pretty much waiting for the new look of the blog to be up. I haven’t been able to keep you all up to speed on what’s going on because well, I realize I spend so much more time on Facebook because of THE CLOSET RAIDERS ( and because of SHOP THE BAG HAG (

I’d love to do a countdown now but as of yet, I haven’t been able to pinpoint an approximate date of completion for the new look, because we are again moving servers, and I think the tech team is still working around moving over 9 years of content onto the new server. Hahaha I’m sure that’s not exactly easy (but then what the heck do I know?! LOL).


For now though, haha I think it’s a pretty good excuse to just put this sign above up. Ok ok, I am not shutting the blog  down for a proper countdown until I know when the date of completion is. So if the nice guys working on my blog revamp are reading this entry, pleeeeease pleeeeeease let’s get this going and finish up alreeeeadyyyy lol! *This one (me) is getting impatient :D*

And in other news, it is still the season for great online bargains, and I have just begun doing a bit of a look- see. I must say though, I am so disappointed in the merchandise and their prices because quite honestly, bags that are marked down at the moment, are just still way too pricey!

Take for instance, this Edie Parker bag.


Edie Parker is a label designed by Brett Hayman, the former Director of Public Relations for Gucci. Now, I would completely understand the price if the bag is a made-to-order, customized piece (which Edie Parker has become known for), but the bag I posted above is not bespoke. So when its original price tag of US$2,148 is dropped to a sale price of  US$1,074, I still balk.

If we are only going to talk hard case clutch bags, I’d much rather get this ANYA HINDMARCH Keep Your Distance Clutchicon,


marked down at THE OUTNET iconfor £450 +/- (about US $560).  I know the Edie Parker clutch and the Anya are different in material and design, as well as in craftsmanship, but they both fall under the same category of box clutches. And for a clutch, I’d much rather spend less because I won’t carry it as often as I would a day bag.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents’ in on “sales” of late. I do wish though that these online sites would really do a major markdown sale of the good stuff. So far I’ve gone on a few of them and haven’t really found merchandise that made me say “oh wow, now THAT’s a good deal!” How about you? Care to share photos of your loot from a recent online splurge this sale season? 🙂


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