Royal Bags: Another Strathberry for Meghan Markle

Ok, so some of us (maybe a handful lol) are Royal watchers. And while Meghan Markle isn’t a full- fledged Royal yet (but is a Royal fiancée, and that’s Royal enough in my eyes ), many have been on Markle Sparkle fashion watch. It is undeniable, like the Duchess of Cambridge, she does have style influence over so many women today.

A day ago, she carried yet another Strathberry bag during an official public outing in Edinburgh, Scotland as she wore a tartan coat.

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And this is a Royal first– she actually carried a bag cross- body style! I’ve yet to see any Royal carry a bag that way during an official function!

But yeah, back to Strathberry– rewind to 2016 to early 2017 when I first introduced this brand on my instagram *gloating here, but don’t mind me LOL*.

Back then, they weren’t yet widely stocked worldwide as they are now. I am really just happy for the lovely couple who owns the brand, having begun in a completely different industry and ended up in fashion.

The bags are really made very well, as I had already pointed out its potential to become a hit in the past. And now, they are really beyond well- known because Meghan carried 2 of their top styles.

The east- west flap mini bag (in bottle green) that Meghan is seen carrying is really a more classic style and is very handy to use.

Photo credit: Getty Images

This east-west style (both the regular and mini size) is made with smooth calfskin leather so it might be a bit prone to scratches, but all the same it is a beautiful, discreet, and classic bag that you can take out in place of the more “logo- screaming” Chanel classic flap. And an even bigger upside is its price!

The mini east- west style starts at £375, and the regular sized one begins at £475.

This is probably one of the few bags I highly recommend as an alternative to the more expensive premium bag brands with the same style, to- date. Get one before they sell out again (because according to the owners, they’re completely swamped with orders!!!)


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