Philippine Tatler T. Dining x The Tasting Room at Nuwa Hotel, City of Dreams

Last night, I had the privilege of “hosting” a private dinner at The Tasting Room (located inside Nuwa Hotel *formerly Crown Towers*, City of Dreams Manila) for Philippine Tatler T. Dining. The Tasting Room is newly reimagined and relocated from across the hotel lobby to where it is today– and has won the prestigious 5 star award from the 2018 Forbes Travel Guide!

I personally love the new space so much more because of its volume– high ceiling, and because of its cozier atmosphere.

I am actually still on a gastronomic high as I write this, because the dinner was really exceptional. But let me tell you more about that in a bit 🙂 I’ll share with you what happened in the lead up to that dinner (which I considered my reward haha).

So yesterday after a last minute decision to have makeup genius Lourd Ramos (Creations at the BGC Stopover) give me a “face” (because I am just really bad with makeup and can never seem to get my eyebrows to look decent),

I was on my merry way to City of Dreams after having changed into my dress. I wore my flats in the car but about 1/3 of my journey to the hotel, I bent over to change my shoes. And that was when it happened. A loud rrrrrrrriiiiip!! I was horrified. Confession: I had been eating ramen day in and day out for the last week and I realized that must’ve caused the dress to rip LOL. It was the long zipper on the back of my dress that ripped open.

My whole back (right down to my undergarments) was fully exposed. I panicked. I wasn’t planning on doing my hosting job in a backless dress hahaha. Traffic was moderate at the time, and I was already pressed for time, but after informing the City of Dreams team, I headed back home (we practically flew home) to change. I could’ve just gone to the mall to buy a new dress, but I wasn’t about to parade around with my undergarments exposed for everyone to see haha. I didn’t want to be cited for indecent exposure LOL. Sigh. Out of all the dresses I had, I didn’t expect this one to have any issues because it is a brand I love (or WAS I brand I loved hahaha). It was a Celine dress. Two things– either I did gain weight and the dress became a bit tight, or Celine just has shoddy zippers. Bottomline, I was extremely disappointed and dismayed. Good thing though because this will now stop me from buying clothes way above my pay grade LOL *ouch*. I got home to change (haha into another Celine dress– because I wanted to see if the zippers will break after I manhandled it before wearing it *and I’d have raised hell and sent both dresses to Celine if it did*, but thank goodness it didn’t).

Dress: Celine // Bag: Celestina // Shoes: Gianvito Rossi (Photo Credit: Ian Santos)

I made it in record time to Nuwa Hotel, City of Dreams. WHEW THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE!!!

We had cocktails at the Crystal Villa with this view as the sun was setting. I’d have wanted to just sit by this window with this view and relaaaax 🙂  

Got to know the property’s new VP for Hotels and F&B, Michael Ziemer who egged me to have some champagne after a loooong day 🙂 Michael is officially my new BFF haha. We share a love for dogs and for a lot of other things apparently! I can’t wait to have more meals with him and his lovely husband Eddie 🙂

With Michael, Mina, and Eddie… Champagne please 🙂

After what I want to call “happy hour” because it made me extremely happy haha, we were ushered by the Nuwa Hotel team to The Tasting Room. I did a short introduction of our hosts, Mrs. Irene Martel- Francisco

Charisse Chuidian, VP Public Relations, Irene Martel Francisco, Philippine Tatler Managing Director

and Mr. Michael Ziemer,

I was caught admiring the new Tasting Room 🙂 I looove the high ceiling!! (Photo credit: Edna Chua)
Michael Ziemer takes the mic (Photo credit: Edna Chua)

and then the specially prepared 4- course tasting menu with wine pairings began.

The Tasting Room’s new Chef de Cuisine, Frederic Thevenet, has 3 decades of culinary experience, having worked in Michelin- starred restaurants and with world renowned chefs like Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire, and Clement Bruno.

Kevin Benning talks about Chef Frederic Thevenet as he smilingly looked on. (Photo credit: Charisse Chuidian)

And he also helmed a Michelin- starred restaurant in Provence. This is a superstar chef who is now at The Tasting Room in Manila– so no need to fly out of the country for exceptional contemporary French cuisine 🙂

First course– pressed chicken, foie gras, truffle. I actually saw the way Chef Frederic prepared this on his Facebook page. This dish was mind- blowingly good!!!

Second course: Lobster/ curry/ apricot/ pomegranate seeds. This was no longer the 1st time I tried this dish, and I still was left impressed by the cohesiveness of the rich flavors. I could have had a big bowl of this (but I’d have revealed the true breadth of my appetite haha shhh).

Third course: Braised beef cheek with spelt, caviar- topped stuffed lettuce, and mustard ice cream with mushrooms.

Paired with a glass of Chateau Haut Brion 2014. Heaaaaaaven!!!! Need I explain? *Seconds please :D*

Restaurant Manager Stephen Moroney. (photo credit: Charisse Chuidian)

And for the dessert, a sinful portion of Chocolate Success with lychee veloute. Confession: I did not want the meal to end!!! 

Wines that were served with our 4- course dinner. Star of the night: the Chateau Haut Brion 2014. C’est si bon!!!

(Photo credit: Irene Martel Francisco)

Après the dinner was time to meet everyone. I had to share this photo of the 2 towering City of Dreams executives who made me feel like a shorty 🙂 Had a chance to get to know Michael at the cocktails and Kevin over dinner some nights ago, and they’re both incredibly friendly and fun!

Michael Ziemer, VP of Hotels and F&B // Kevin Benning, COO of City of Dreams Manila

The Melco Resorts and Entertainment Philippines- City of Dreams Manila executives

Standing: Armin Raquel Santos of Belle Corporation, Kevin Benning, Michael Ziemer, Clarence Chung, Chairman and President of Melco Resorts and Entertainment Philippines Seated: Romina Gervacio, Director of PR City of Dreams Manila, Anna Raquel Santos, and that one who secretly hoped to have seconds of the meal 🙂

More photos of Tatler and City of Dreams friends from the dinner:

Arie Cu, Arlene Cu, Shauna Popple
Gabriele Boschi, Julie Boschi, Shauna Jay Popple, Isabel Francisco
Shauna Jay Popple, Michael Ziemer, Mario Jose, Marco Rodriguez
Irene Martel Francisco, Emerson Yao, Lingling Yao, Edna Chua, David Chua, Dr. Randy Francisco
Charisse Chuidian, Irene Martel- Francisco, Julie Boschi, Gabriele Boschi, Dr. Randy Francisco
Small Laude, Irene Martel Francisco, Nicole Ortega, Charisse Chuidian
Alice Eduardo, Small Laude
City of Dreams team x Philippine Tatler T. Dining team
My family: Edna and David Chua (photo credit: Charisse Chuidian)

And this group was the last ones standing 🙂 We were having too much fun and didn’t want to go home just yet!

No one wanted to go home yet!!! 🙂

Thank you so much again Philippine Tatler T Dining, Nuwa Hotel, The Tasting Room, and City of Dreams Manila for a wonderful and unforgettable dinner and night!

Peeps, if you want an unparalleled dining experience without traveling to another country, you must book dinner at The Tasting Room. They’re open from Wednesdays to Mondays, from 6.30p to 10.30p. I can tell you this– you’ll walk away on a gastronomic high, and it won’t wear off the next day 🙂 *I am still craving for the chicken foie gras- truffle and the lobster!!!!*

P.S. Chef Frederic Thevenet and Stephen Moroney of The Tasting Room, I am definitely going back, so see you when I return from my travels 🙂


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