Parisian Craftsmanship: Valerie Salacroux Bags


Last fashion season, I decided on exploring a bit of Paris in the hopes I’d find new bag designers. I got really lucky. Tucked away on one of the streets of the 3rd arrondissement is the atelier and boutique of Valerie Salacroux.

Valerie’s bags are all personally handcrafted by her, using excellent quality taurillon clemence leather. If you know your Hermes bags, you will recognize the leather she uses on her bags 🙂

Each bag is made in France– assembled together right in her atelier. Salacroux has been in the business for over 10 years, so she definitely knows leather and craftsmanship. She makes a different leather accessories (belts, purses, pochettes), and also makes really nice classic bag styles:

The large tote costs €800, while the petit cabas is €600.


The Besace is my favorite in her collection. It was so hard for me to pick a color because everything looked good. I love that Valerie also makes you customize your bag– she makes you choose from different colored detachable leather snaps for the belt enclosure, a unique feature that will set your bag apart 🙂


The Besace large costs €650 and has 2 straps– a detachable sport strap, and a thinner and shorter one (which you can also customize to your color preference).


The medium sized Besace is slightly different, with its stitching done on the outside, giving it a more “rigid” look compared to its larger counterpart. Priced at €570.


The smallest version is the easiest to carry because it is light. The bag does not have a shorter strap though and is carried either on the shoulder or cross body.  The style still allows for customization– the enclosure strap is positioned differently compared to the medium and large versions. This is priced at €500.


Valerie Salacroux’s Maroquinerie is definitely worth a visit, and her bags are worth the purchase (I am a proud owner of 2 of her bags and they are very well-made) if you are looking for something special to carry everyday. You won’t have to worry about having the same bag as everyone else, and best of it all is you are paying for something exceptionally well- made that doesn’t have to break the bank 🙂




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