Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton Bags, FW 2014- 15

Nicolas Ghesquiere has finally shown his first collection for Louis Vuitton. And as I went through my photos after the show to take a closer look at each detail, I found myself falling in love with a lot of the pieces in the collection. The slate was wiped clean from Marc Jacobs and I believe that Ghesquiere has done quite a beautiful job of translating his “aesthetic” for the brand.

The show venue may have been the same but the show space itself had shrunk remarkably in size– even I was shocked because I had gotten used to seeing so many people attending the show. The show began with the shutters of the space opening, allowing the natural light to enter. It was befitting– it was like a new day when the shutters opened, likened to a new beginning for the fashion house.

I was not seated at the right side of the runway as models carried bags on their left hands, but I was able to catch a glimpse of the bags and the shapes are very classic and clean. Very Ghesquiere! Here are some of the images I’d like to share with you all, in the hopes that you’d be able to get a sense of what I meant 🙂

The quilted Alma



Such a classy, feminine shape!



Same shape in exotics!



And in bi- colored leather!



This was one of the more interesting bags– the Speedy yet again reinterpreted. Made out of canvas, the bag has clasps on the top part which can be undone (like you see in the photo) to reveal its “inner” look which I think is made of leather (I didn’t get a chance to take a closer look but it seemed like leather).



The smaller quilted Alma. And ooh those booties are nice!



I am still sorting out photos, and hopefully I am able to add to this current “collection” of images. How do you find them? 🙂


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