Off to San Francisco, But First, Another Bag :)

I’m off to San Francisco with the family for the kids’ annual vacation and it might take me a few days before I get to post on the blog regularly again.

I hope I’ll be able to have fast and easy access online (hehe we live in the boonies), but in the event I don’t get immediate online access, let me already share this other Louis Vuitton bag, also recently launched in stores.

The Louis Vuitton Vivienne Bag.IMG_20130712_201527

It’s got that Celine Box bag- Hermes Constance vibe to it, no? I actually find the bag rather ingenious because this Vivienne has an extra detachable short handle strap!

Some time ago, I called this style the baby boomer bag. It was about that generation when this bag style became popular. It’s nice to see it making a comeback, and it makes me happy to know that small bags are on-trend too. Saves us all the trouble of getting our shoulders and backs worked on by masseuses or worse, chiropractors!

PS I’m able to update faster on instagram. Find me there 🙂 @thebaghag


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