November E-Shopping News: Michael Kors x GOOP + SSI Life

It has been awhile since I last shared something about myself on this blog but today, I think I shall– because it’s November and it’s the start of a new month, one that promises exciting things which I shall be telling you all about soon! That, and I think I just need to purge– so, sorry if it had to happen on this space today 🙂

October was such a harrowing month for me– and I’m so glad it was over! That last month was really a good time to take a look at a lot of things about life, and I realize now that I was not the only one who went through that (haha misery loved company last October). It had been a roller coaster ride emotionally and mentally, but if anything, I walked away with a headful of lessons, ones that I shall perhaps not look back with so much fondness but more with appreciation because those lessons have reinforced what my family had always reminded me about and tried hard to instill in me (only I was too stubborn to listen to them in the past).


Tut tut, let’s not let me enumerate the incidents that happened in detail because it’s honestly pointless to dissect them piecemeal. This is the bottomline–  and be with me on this one, everyone: let us set aside the painful experiences we’ve all had last month and close that chapter, pick up the pieces, and move on forward and upward. Enough with the sulking 🙂

That said, November is indeed going to be exciting and well, it might also leave our pockets quite empty because we have to begin coming up with our Christmas lists again *silent scream lol*. Bags and shoes are becoming more and more expensive and it is scary to think that one day, all we’ll be able to afford to buy and indulge in for ourselves *because we’ve worked so hard and we deserve it!!*  is a bottle of designer perfume lol. The one brand that I remain in admiration of is Michael Kors because the bags and accessories remain within that aspirational- but-not-unreachable price range.

In recent years, the MK brand of bags has gone from strength to strength design- wise. Incidentally, MK is also teaming up for the holidays with GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s digi media and e-commerce company.goop-mk

Both MK and Paltrow are designing a capsule collection of clothes and accessories come December 2013– and they will be available online on both the MK website as well as on GOOP.

And while we’re on the subject of online shopping, Stores Specialists, Inc., the luxury partner of over 80 international brands here in the Philippines, has come up with their own mobile app! I’ve installed this app and it’s cool because it actually displays all the latest sale updates and coupons (!!!) from brands that SSI represents.


Check the app out on Google Play Store or on your iTunes– it’s a free app and if you’re always on the lookout for good deals and sales within the brands that SSI carries here in the Philippines, then you’ll be in the know 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone! I’m off to spend more time with the family before it’s all back to work and to school for all 🙂


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