New Year’s Brunch at The Cooperage American Grille


Happy New Year!!! 2016 was off to a good start– we had an incredible brunch at The Cooperage American Grille by Fiesta Square in Lafayette– close to our hood.

Very nice ambience. This restaurant took us by surprise considering it was our last option as there were a few great ones in the area as well (including our favorite American Kitchen).

The Cooperage is a date night kinda restaurant too, serving modern American cuisine 😉

The best part of our orders were these little bags of potato fritters (tater tots) and fries. They were so good and were super addictive!!

In between good conversation that revolved around travel for 2016, I dug into my mushroom and spinach eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce.

This year looks like a travel year for me, apart from the 2 seasons’ worth of fashion weeks in both Milan and Paris. I have actually never done 4 cities’ worth of fashion weeks and am contemplating on it. My biggest fear (well, next to being away too long from family), is my usual worry each season– overweight suitcases! 🙁 That is the one thing I can never seem to master– the art of travelling light.

There are still so many things to ponder for 2016. I have a few pending work commitments I need to firm up on and then it’s all go. My family is worried about my trips to Europe but believe it or not, I’ve always felt safe and at peace there. I am there to work, not to go shopping or go sightseeing, so I don’t go around touristy places as much. But yeah I do hope the situation there stabilizes soon. I already consider both Milan and Paris my homes in Europe 🙁

Anyway as we were talking about Europe, I tucked into this Mac and Cheese with bacon on a skillet… oh man this was yuuuum!!!

We were actually quite fortunate to have been seated indoor at the last minute and had front row access to the kitchen activity– Executive Chef Partner Erik Hopfinger came out and started directing the whole crew to keep things running smoothly. Haha we did hear him cuss a few times though– haha it was a G rated restaurant til we overheard him dropping an F bomb here and there. We were all so amused because it was like watching a Gordon Ramsay- like show, live :).

Day 1 of 366 days has been super fun, and I really feel so blessed to have spent it with the people that matter most to me 🙂 I hope you were all able to do the same!!



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