New Additions to Furla’s Collection for FW 2013


I always look forward to Furla’s bag presentations in the last few seasons because Giovanna Furlanetto and Fabio Fusi have been making bags that have been so spot- on with style and design.

Last season’s Venus bag gets the striped treatment. It is a very pretty bag and is, for a designer bag, very affordable too! Roomy, light, and beautifully made!


This season Fondazione Furla has highlighted the brilliant work of the artist who prefers to be called only by his first name, Davide. Davide has translated this season’s bags into a series of video installations that aimed to bring out certain elements from each of the bag collections. I was also told he produced all 3 short films in one day. Here is one of the video installations set against 2 rows of the signature Candy bags.


Candy bags are transparent hence Davide’s use of water splashes for his video.

So, last season when Furla introduced these ombre Candy bags. This season they have created baby Candy bags!! Known as Cookie bags!! They are SO CUTE! I wanted to adopt them all because of their size! The bag fits my Nikon DSLR perfectly well so it is very roomy!


Adorable Candy and Cookie together!!

And while I was there at the presentation, Anna dello Russo popped in to say hello 🙂 Here he is photographed with Fabio Fusi.


Nice intermission 😉 Anyway, the Venus bag also gets beautiful colors this season. My top pick is this magenta colored one!


It was all about evolution when it comes to bags, and the V enus has also evolved into this new shape. It’s a very good work bag!


And then there is the new Cortina bag. It is a very classy top- handle bag which I also had seen on Olivia Palermo a few nights ago at the Furla store opening party by the Duomo. Here’s a “couture” version of the Furla Cortina.


Furla has become quite the bag designer contender in recent seasons and I look forward to even greater bag styles in the seasons to come! For this coming Fall though, I highly recommend getting those super cute Cookie bags (you can do a Mommy- Daughter thing), as well as my perennial favorite, the Venus!




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