My Day One: Milan Fashion Week SS 2016


I may be on my gadgets most of the time, but I am quite dumb and backward when it comes to knowing how to maximize usage and what these gadgets can really do for me. Case in point: fashion weeks. Every season I would actually handwrite the shows and presentations I have to attend. And if I don’t get lazy, I actually type them out on a computer at the business centre of the airport lounge. Yes, not even on my own laptop! Confession: I’m not very good with Excel but was told that would’ve been the best application for managing schedules because of the grids.

Anyway, this season I learned how to sync my tablet with my phone so I decided to type out the schedule of appointments on the phone. Yup 1st time! I felt so organized way ahead of time even if I was so disorganized when it came to what I was packing for the trip 😉

So when we arrived Milan, I didn’t bother to organize the invitations and just relied on the phone for the schedules. And ahh this was where the mistake came in. My phone was confused with the time stamp on the schedules because I was no longer on the +8GMT time zone! So yes, the schedules somehow got mixed up. I sadly missed one really good show and there was also no way to catch it on time because of serious transportation issues– it was raining so hard in Milan today! And oh my goodness, it was COLD!!! 🙁 12deg C 🙁

Wore a striped poncho over cropped pants and a basic long- sleeved tee. Luckily I had brought a pair of booties with me to keep my feet dry. But I was still drenched later on 🙁
Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset *OOTD photographed by Sandor Simon*

All the rain aside, I did make it to my fitting appointment at Anteprima on time and was very happy to be reconnecting with old friends once again 🙂

After Anteprima was Gucci, held in an al fresco warehouse venue close to the train tracks– a good 40 minutes from the city center with traffic. I sat next to Veronica of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia while we whined about the weather because it was sooo cold (it was still raining hard– with wind).

After Gucci, we got stuck in traffic (but thanks to the generosity of Bryanboy, we were able to stay dry because we carpooled in his car and didn’t have to wait for a ride ).

Our next appointment took us to see Furla’s Creative Director Fabio Fusi. Oh I had a grand time talking to this genius of a man who has taken the brand into new heights with the bags that he has been designing over the last few seasons. And I love that he was able to share and recount his personal story about the Furla Candy bag (will share this soon). I think I took up so much of Fabio’s time but I also got to know the designer so much more– and I can tell you that he is really an exceptional man. It was an honor to have sat down for a long chat with him at his office which overlooked the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele at Palazzo Furla 🙂

And then it was off to the Moncler cocktail party to launch the new Moncler silver jackets from the brand’s latest campaign, An Icelandic Fairytale, shot by Annie Leibovitz. Happily caught up with my old friend Anna B. at the party 🙂

After the cocktails, we rushed over to the newly opened Mandarin Oriental off Via Manzoni for a nice, intimate dinner hosted by the lovely Clara (my soul sister) of Fendi.

Haha that was her idea of a light dinner for us. I was stuffed and ready to lie down on the couch, but I spared everyone from embarrassment as I restrained myself haha. While we waited for our ride back, we had to take some funny photos (mocking our mode of communication in the age of modern technology– no more face to face conversations lol) to end a fairly relaxed Day One during Milan Fashion Week.

So yeah that caps it for Day One. Day Two of Fashion Week will be really crazy. For now, it looks like I have 8 confirmed appointments. Hopefully Uber will be cooperative tomorrow, and that the sun will come out. A sunny day during Milan Fashion Week makes things so much easier for all of us. Less traffic!!

So you have just lived my day during Milan Fashion Week Day One 🙂 Hope your day was a productive one too!



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