Milan Fashion Week: Lady in Red :)

The first day of Milan Fashion Week is usually light, but it is on the succeeding days that the schedule becomes very tight. I figured instead of waiting til nighttime to write on the blog, this time around I’ll write while I’m in the car. So I have to make it snappy 🙂

I wore red yesterday because it was a pretty gloomy day and we all needed a little color 🙂 Initially thought of wearing my favorite pair of Steigers because they were so easy to walk in even if the heel height wasn’t exactly low.


Shot by Sandor Simon

In the end though, I decided to break in the Santoni heels which as I found out later, didn’t really need breaking in because they were extremely comfy! Walked in them for 10 hours straight! Oh and I also experimented a little with my hair and went with braided pigtails a la Pippi Longstocking to go to the shows *feeling young with those pigtails lol!!*  I actually had fun with the Pippi Longstocking hair– and those Jimmy Choo sunnies made me look like Wednesday Addams on a happy day hahaha!

Shot by Sandor Simon

Today is Day 3 of fashion week and it is a very gloomy (and rainy!!) day. I am still in the car now (Uber rates are insane by the way) but we are almost close to our destination. More again later!


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