Milan Fashion Week: Fall Winter 2016-2017 Favorites

Hello everyone! Finally managed to have a bit of time to write! Currently in my car en route to the train station to head to another city, and this is quite possibly the only time I have at the moment to write. Been going back home late nightly because of work dinners and such, and by the time I get home, all I wanted to do was to wash up and crawl to bed.

Anyway now that I’ve some time to kill while in the car, I want to share a summary of my favorites this season. When I manage more time later, I’ll do writeups of each brand with complete photos 🙂 For now, these will have to be it, also because I’m just blogging from my phone!

Peekaboo Ruffles

Purple Wave Bag

Bally eclipse graphic


Woops I’m at the train station now 🙂 More to come when I’ve settled into my seat! Have to jump out now with 3 oversized suitcases!


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