Luxury in the Time of Covid- 19: Hermes and Louis Vuitton

When businesses have begun shuttering and most have withheld spending, you can count on brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermes to come up with more ways for you to part with your money (earned, inherited, or ill- gotten lol).

A week ago, it was brought to my attention that Hermes is selling a $41,850++ mahjong set online if I’m not mistaken, exclusively to its Singapore- based customers. I reckon someone in management recognized Singapore as the home of the “Crazy Rich Asians” (from that book and movie franchise) haha. I wonder though if they offer this set to their HK and China- based online customers. Even if I’ve the money (which I don’t), I just can’t imagine clicking on the ADD TO CART button for this and typing in my credit card details to process a $41,850 purchase haha! What if package gets damaged in transit? Ok I doubt it, but hey, freak accidents have been known to happen!

On the other hand, Louis Vuitton, a “democratized luxury” brand which had recently backed out of the billion- dollar Tiffany deal, is releasing a “luxe” (a.k.a. expensive) face shield which features engraved gold studs (I don’t see it in the photo though) with their signature monogram canvas on the head strap as well as on the edges of the photo- chromatic visor. This “luxe” face shield is “more affordable” and will set you back by approximately $968 come October (source: Hypebeast).

I know many will say they won’t buy the mahjong set (reasons: too expensive, can’t play mahjong even if Asian lol *that’s me by the way*), but how about this face shield?  But what about the LV face shields? And oh, not to justify this or anything but face shields are honestly more “essential” than designer bags these days– especially to Philippine- based consumers lol!

So fess up, who’s putting their name on “the list” for these LV visors?


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