Lazy Long Halloween Weekend!

Here in Manila, we all had a long Halloween- All Saints’ Day weekend. I took this time to catch up on sleep (because my rhinitis + asthma deprived me of it), and then enjoyed Netflix. Oh boy Netflix, you are killing my social life lol. But the good news there is, I did get some much- needed rest, and got to work on some house- related work!

I don’t know if you have been checking Facebook lately but if you haven’t, I’d love to ask you to join our Facebook group called THE CLOSET RAIDERS.
The Closet Raiders 1
This was a group that I started a few days before I left for Milan and Paris last September for fashion weeks. I wanted to let some of my old clothes go but just didn’t find the right avenue for them. I thought about peppering my instagram feed with them but then I’m pretty sure I’d get flack for flooding my account with them lol. I ended up putting up that Facebook group (The Closet Raiders) after getting inspired by some local furniture buy-and- sell groups that were started by peeps I knew. I figured I’d rather start my own group than post one someone else’s because I wanted to also bring together friends and people within my network for it. I didn’t really give the group much thought, thinking I’ll just work on it and post my own clothes and shoes when I get back from Europe. I also invited my friend Erika Aquino to join the group as a moderator, thinking as well that she would also have fun with it because we both badly needed to edit our closets!

Fast forward to today, a week short of our 2nd month, we have a group of 9,200 members in our little community! Erika and I never thought this group was going to grow this fast. I actually remember telling her that I’d be happy if we can have 1,000 active members lol! So this was really a pleasant surprise! We have been actively vetting members from our group and are carefully considering new members because we don’t want to end up with lowballers and people with questionable reputation either buying or selling their things on our group!

So this long weekend, I also began sorting some of the clothes and shoes that I no longer wear and use. I also posted a few (a manageable number) on The Closet Raiders! I am so happy to be able to sell my things.


Thank you to our members and new Facebook “friends” 🙂

Tonight, as I was preparing for dinner with my 2 kids, I decided to bake. Haha. I am verrrry random and weird this way. Oh and I am not really a good baker. To tell you honestly, I even messed up a box of No-Bake brownies in the past lol. So for me to wanna bake all of a sudden is like asking to be given an effort award LOL.

These Facebook and instagram cooking videos under 1 minute are incredible. I was inspired to bake because of one of those videos I saw. It taught how to make Peanut Butter Cookies. But since we aren’t keen on peanut butter, I substituted it with Speculoos Cookie Butter.


1 egg, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup cookie butter. That was all that was needed.

Easy. I had all the ingredients. Though I reduced the mixture to 3/4 cup cookie butter, 1/4 cup brown sugar. Then when I was mixing it with a spatula, I realized the mixture was quite… wet LOL. So I decided to add a few spoonfuls of flour lol.


Ok there you go, I told you I was not great with measurements. And I am not good with baking!

Wait. It gets better. Lol!! When the mixture looked quite decent, I looked for our cookie sheet. Only to realize it was missing. *Gasp*

Now what?! Ahh I still have that pie pan that I got from Crate and Barrel. Lol. So I used the pie pan. And baked the mixture for 15 minutes.

And the result was this–


LOL!!! What on earth was this?!?!? It’s not a cookie. But it’s not a pie or a cake either! I scooped the whole baked mixture out of the pan and voila:


Ingrid’s Cookie Butter Cake (a.k.a. failed cookie butter cookies) LOL! Oh by the way, I posted the preparation and baking process of this… experiment on my instagram stories @thebaghag hahaha!

I was honestly quite embarrassed to serve this because I couldn’t explain what it was LOL. I sliced the “thing” like a pie.


And served it to my kids. Thank God my kids are still diplomatic enough to say it was quite good, and they had 2 slices to eat each!


*Mission accomplished lol*

And how was YOUR long weekend? 🙂


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