Inquirer Best Desserts 3 Book Launch


After having been off the socials and events grid for a bit due to my allergies and asthma, I couldn’t resist not attending Inquirer’s latest book launch, Inquirer Best Desserts, held at the SMX Convention Center in Aura this afternoon. I figured this would’ve also been the best way to jumpstart my appetite again since I lost it weeks ago, no thanks to all my medication 🙁

I got to the event on time, and whoaaa it looked like everyone in the city with a sweet tooth had gotten much earlier than I did! Haha no one wanted to miss out!


The event was packed with participants, dessert makers who were happy to share their best desserts with everyone who attended. Willy Wonka has nothing on this room! We are talking serious sugar overload and sugar rush for all here!











It was impossible to enjoy what every table had to offer and I wished this was a 3 day affair so I could come back for 2 more days just to enjoy everything. My favorites include the canonigo with mango balls from The Cookery (seriously, heaaaven),


the Matcha Cappuccino cake by Aileen Tan for Honeybon Cafe  (the best tasting matcha cake I’ve had to date in Manila), matcha

and the black gold Egg Custard buns from China Blue at Conrad.


Also a recurring favorite are the desserts concocted by Jean Hill of Goto Monster (a favorite aprés- dinner haunt with my friends).


Jean allowed many to sample their famous ice cream pops but I think the real dessert gems of Goto Monster are the waffles (not featured today, boo!)– try the Bibingka and the Champorado waffles after your piping hot bowl of goto at Goto Monster (OMG I am already salivating just thinking about them).

It was a dizzying experience but I had so much fun going through rows and rows of sinful sweets.

With Bridges PR's Annie Ringor & Inquirer Lifestyle Editor-in-Chief Thelma San Juan
With Bridges PR’s Annie Ringor & Inquirer Lifestyle Editor-in-Chief Thelma San Juan

I can’t imagine how overwhelming a task this must’ve been for Inquirer Best Desserts Book editor Vangie Baga- Reyes– she had to sample and eat so many different kinds of desserts to come up with this new list of the best of the best in the country! An hour into the food tasting and I had to already give up haha. Can’t imagine doing this for months!!


Vangie’s book for Inquirer features all the above- par dessert makers (both professional and from-the-home bakers) and I believe this book is a must- buy for everyone who has a sweet tooth and wouldn’t mind the sugar rush and the occasional tooth ache 🙂

Inquirer’s Best Desserts Book by Vangie Baga- Reyes is available at all National Book Stores nationwide. Grab a copy and let your sweet journey begin, one page and one dessert at a time 🙂