In San Francisco and Blending Right in

Hi everyone! After that super fun but too short Tokyo trip, I am back in the city I called home a decade ago. Every year, my fambam and I fly to San Francisco for the holidays. We have been staying in the same home for nearly 30 years now and each time we come back, I am fondly reminded of those fun- filled, carefree school days (haha none of these “real world” issues). I belong to the “Clueless” generation. No I was not literally clueless because even back then I was already the family know-it-all lol. I am referring to “Clueless” as in the movie with Alicia Silverstone lol.

I mention Clueless because I watched it again yesterday since we were stuck at home. I have the dreaded flu. I still can’t believe I am sick since I’ve been eating well and been getting rest. But I guess age has a lot to do with a weaker immune system lol. This happens when you travel too much. Luckily I am staying put Stateside with my family until August 😉

Before I left Manila for the U.S., a friend alerted me of an old comment she read in someone else’s blog about me. About what kind of a mother I must be to my kids, being away so much and all. I gave it some thought yesterday, and today I will touch on that in this succeeding paragraph.

Does it matter to anyone (other than my kids, my immediate family, & maybe my kids’ educators) what kind of a parent I am? NO. Because it isn’t anyone’s business. Yes, I travel a lot for work. Yes I post about the good stuff (I mean come on, who doesn’t these days?). And heck yes I am also entitled not to post anything about my children on social media. Do frequent posts about one’s child make him or her a better parent? Perhaps in the eyes of the judgmental ignorants who don’t really know better, yes. Does the absence of posts about one’s child make him or her a lousy parent? Again perhaps in the same eyes of the judgemental ignorants, yes. But tell me, does every single thing need to be shared on social media? No. Newsflash: sometimes the best moments don’t even make it to social media (that’s me, by the way). Because not every private moment needs to have an audience to validate how good it is or was. So to those who make it a career to judge people, to judge how I must be like as a parent, I have this one thing to say– I hope your own lives are perfect and that you too, don’t become victims of being judged by others for how you live your lives behind closed doors. That’s all 🙂 Peace!

Now going back to San Francisco, there used to be times I’d get bored because we always end up visiting the same places, but I have come to love being here because of our weekend markets, proximity to Napa and Sonoma (wine counties), and because of fresh produce– apart of course from having that opportunity to be with family 24/7 🙂 Gosh I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love going to get groceries here, and how much I enjoy cooking up a storm now. Umm just don’t make me wash dishes lol.

I slept in yesterday because I have been on heavy medication, but still managed to cook meals before I nearly collapsed on our sofa. Today is better, though I still feel under the weather and have only managed 4 hours of sleep because of jetlag .

My personal meals have gotten healthier post- Japan trip lol.


I made yam and avocado mash on sourdough bread, topped with roasted turkey breast meat and roasted veggies. Drizzled it with olive oil and himalayan salt to taste. I’m trying to shed off my unsightly muffin top (that none of you see because I dress to hide it lol) since none of my old clothes fit me of late– yup, this is an age thing… well actually aging slows metabolism but because of my lack of discipline, I grew a muffin lol *it rhymes*.

Anyway, I leave you with this photo of me blending right into my surroundings lol. OOTD time in San Francisco lol (because I had the time to do it… til I got sick haha).



Dress: MSGM

Bag: FENDI Dotcom





  1. Hi, Baghag. 🙂 I have a question. Do you know if LV In Greenbelt offers monthly installment (zero interest) on their items? Thank you.

  2. As a reader, I’ve always admired how private you were about your children, that there was a definite, if implicit line between public and private.