Hermes Leather Preference: Chevre

In all the years that I’ve gone through Hermes Birkins and Kelly bags, I found that I really have a specific preference for chevre (pronounced “shev”) or goat leather.

Togo and fjord had always been the rough-and-tumble kinds of leather, and I would definitely not have minded them for bigger bags that I would use on a regular basis– without worrying about scratches or even splatter marks from saucy food (LOL I’m not proud but it had happened) or what not. I like clemence leather too but not on either birkin or kelly. I think clemence works best with less structured styles within the Hermes bag family.

The thing about both togo and fjord leathers is this– both are heavy leathers. And especially on a 35cm Birkin without a shoulder strap? You’d be paying your chiropractor a regular visit if you carry one over a lengthy period.

That’s why I prefer chevre or goat leather now. Apart from the graining which I really like (as opposed to the pebble-like patterns on the fjord or togo), the leather is thinner and therefore lighter. And it looks really nice on structured bags not just on the Birkin and on a Sellier Kelly, but also on the Verrou (I prefer it over epsom).

Chevre is also less prone to scratching, but it is also important to note that in the end there are no leathers that are scratch- proof. Daily wear and tear and that occasional accident of a long fingernail going through the bag can result in scratches.


Sadly, Hermes doesn’t produce a lot of chevre leather bags, and some of the styles don’t come in chevre at all.

So if you do get lucky enough to be offered a Birkin or a Kelly in chevre leather, take it, take it, take it!!


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