Hair Care at the Beach + a Bag !

The Unilever PC Summit held in El Nido Resorts (Pangulasian Island) has helped me understand hair so much better.

creamsilk4I am a cynic when it comes to beauty products but the Creamsilk R&D director really made me change my mind when I saw the live demonstration of how damaged hair can get instant life after having applied it with Cream Silk hair conditioner.creamsilk3

There were 3 different hair “bunches”– one was virgin hair, the other damaged (from hair coloring and constant blow- drying), and the last one was damaged hair applied with Cream Silk. When all 3 bunches were dipped into the water, pulled back up to be knotted and then re-dipped back into the water, given a little shake then pulled back up, only the damaged hair remained knotted. But the virgin hair and the damaged hair that was applied with Cream Silk became untangled and unknotted! I was really amazed. No other product has allowed me to see results this instantaneously– so I became a believer.


My hair was prepped for the Unilever dinner party by top hair stylist Lourd Ramos, who used Cream Silk Stunning Shine.

With Cream Silk ambassador Heart Evangelista

The next day, we were going to the Big and Small Lagoon in Palawan by boat, so I decided to test Cream Silk’s capabilities by applying the Standout Straight Daily treatment on my hair after shampooing. I wanted to see for myself if my hair would withstand the wind elements and remain frizz- free without a hair stylist standing by to work on my hair. And so I went off with (dripping) wet hair and allowed the salty air and wind dry it as we were whisked off by boat to the Big Lagoon.


I let my hair loose for a good 10 minutes, and after we got to the Lagoon, it was already dry.

Applied Cream Silk to my hair and allowed my hair to be naturally dried by the wind (With Lifestyle Asia Magazine’s Cristina Gomez)

I ran my fingers through my hair and guess what– it was tangle free!!! Cream Silk is proof that there is still truth in advertising!!! I probably sound like one of those annoying commercials but here is a true testimonial about how the product had changed my hair!

I am now a convert of Cream Silk Conditioner– that whole experience of a tangle- free hair with only a single application of Cream Silk has really changed the way I feel about my hair. I had always hated leaving my hair down in the past because it becomes very unruly, but with the conditioning power of Cream Silk, I am sure to become more confident about letting my long hair loose again– without the help of a salon professional!

I have grown to love the beach so much in recent years, and while I normally just use whatever toiletries the beach resorts have, I will for sure be bringing one or two Cream Silk products with me (there is a whole range of Cream Silk products out there, much to my amazement!).


And while we’re talking beach, perhaps I’ll also want to carry a larger “waterproof” tote next time. I’m eyeing this Dolce & Gabbana Miss Escape PVC Shopper as a beach tote! 🙂

dolcepvcbagLoving the color too (reminds me of sunset!!) and the little clutch that you can carry separately for beach night dinners 🙂 *More info on the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Escape PVC Tote HEREicon*

What an incredible way to end the beach trip– having shiny, tangle- free hair! 🙂 Thank you so much Unilever & Bridges for the incredible experience!!


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