Dress Up Those Eyes… with Givenchy!

Today, more Givenchy loving! 🙂 I can’t seem to have enough of Givenchy! And this time it’s not just the bags anymore, it’s eyewear! I have taken a keen interest in glasses of late because haha, the dark circles under my eyes seem to become even more prominent now– *sigh*, because of my tea habit which really has to die soon or there goes my uninterrupted hours of sleep.  So while my tea habit is still alive and kicking (and resisting), I believe a very good pair of glasses are my eyes’ best friend 🙂

I love the frames of Givenchy because they have a plethora of styles to choose from– there is not just one particular look. It’s good to have a variety, to match your different moods 🙂 They have classic styles (the ones that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge favors), vintage and retro looking ones, as well the more glammed up and trendy ones. A lot to choose from!

Very retro, non?

This pair is right up my alley– I love those stars on the sides of the frames 🙂

Ricardo Tisci’s incredible– I love that these colored (and fuzzy) frames are soooo cool! Definitely not frames that you can just get anywhere! These are really distinctively Tisci for Givenchy. Gotta get me one of these!!!

It’s never really just about the clothes anymore. It’s also about how you can express your personal style through the accessories you wear. And these glasses speak volumes about your individuality and your desire to express yourself in the most overt possible way 🙂

Show off that animal in you 🙂 Love these!!!

Dress up your eyes! Love that even the Duchess of Cambridge favors Givenchy eyewear– and I hardly ever see her with glasses, so it was quite a treat to see her wearing them  🙂

Givenchy eyewear is available in the Philippines at Ideal Vision stores and other leading optical shops worldwide.


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