Cousin Itt Meets Jimmy Choo?

Gulp. A year ago, I swore to stop lambasting bugly bags– only because I’d rather focus on the prettier ones as they deserved the space so much more. I’ve been quite good with that promise actually, until today. Forgive, forgive! But this bag needs to be written up about, stat!!

The Jimmy Choo Castina Fringed Suede Shoulder Bag

I’ve seen this bag up close last season and the only question I had then was, “why???”. Jimmy Choo had been raking in the $$$ because they have made good not just on shoes but also on some of their clutch bags. But then this bag was born. In the same manner Cousin Itt paid that fateful visit to the Addams Family lol.


The two things that were in my mind as I stared at the fringed bag (with a mental image I painted of Cousin Itt carrying it lol):

  1. Haircut!!
  2. French Braid!!

I admit though that this bag looks better than Cousin Itt lol. Only because of the color combination lol!!


Still, I would never bring myself to pay over US$6,000 for this bag! I understand there is a “process” of calculation of materials and labor involved, but this bag just is not worth that price. And although the bag does have character (haha Cousin Itt on your shoulder, anyone?), it really is just not working for me– at all!

Tell me, do you peeps like this bag?


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  1. it is not working for me either… it reminds me of the mop u use to clean the floor…. and for 6whoppin’ thousand.. yikes! hehe but at least the color is fun and girly… 😀

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