Christmas Gift Idea: Travel with Emirates!

Ever since I began traveling to Europe for fashion weeks and for work, I have been fortunate to have picked the right partner airline for the long haul trip. I’ve always chosen Emirates Airline. I’ve tried 2 other airlines for travel to Milan and to Paris, but nothing has come close to the service I’ve gotten with Emirates. I’ve actually even racked up so many points from travel that I was on more than one occasion able to get an upgrade from Business to First Class *I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to!* 🙂

Three years ago, I had my first A380 experience on the first class cabin, and even shamefully (and quietly) recorded my experience in the 1st class lavatory (which has 2 showers on each of their 2 lavatories). Haha no, you won’t see me taking a shower but I took everyone on a tour 🙂

It was a pretty cool experience, and I’d love for that same chance again sometime– I have to start collecting miles again for that 🙂 *I’m currently saving for free flights for my kids :D*

Anyway, this Christmas, there is still time for you to get your loved one a present that he/ she will never forget. Give him or her the gift of travel, through Emirates Airline! It’s not too late to purchase a plane ticket for a nice vacation to start your 2015!

If you’ve never flied Emirates before, make it part of your 2015 to- do list. The economy class seats are very comfortable (I’ve often taken coach on Emirates and I’ve always managed to sleep very soundly– and I hardly ever sleep on long haul flights). But I think it’s really worth it to splurge a little more for Business Class 🙂

I wish I had a photo like this taken while I was onboard on my last trip…



but I was too busy eating while watching a movie (I looove the lamb biryani and I order this everytime it’s available on the menu!) …


and then well, sleeping :).  This was the plane ceiling before sleeptime (when it turns celestial with little stars in the “sky”!).



After dinner, it’s always nice to go to the back of the plane where there is a full service bar!  The bar is actually open throughout the flight to serve the insomniac travelers 🙂 I usually come back here with my laptop or book and just curl up on the “couch” with a nice drink and snack. It’s very relaxing and doesn’t even feel like you’re on the plane!



The Business Class Lounge at Dubai is also unparalleled and is easily the biggest luxury airline lounge I’ve ever been to (that merits a separate blog post! Yup, it’s that big!)

With the Emirates Business Class, you also can take advantage of their FREE chauffeur- drive service (you need to book this in advance though) which will take you to your hotel/ destination upon arrival.



I hope I’ve been able to convince you to give yourself (and your partner) the gift of travel with Emirates Airline this Christmas. It’s never too early to start planning for your vacations for 2015 🙂

Visit Emirates.Com for their special offers and special travel fares and packages as well. It’s topnotch and you don’t need me to tell you that, see and experience it for yourself 🙂


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